Giving Up the Diet

Written by Gary Matthews

If you're thinking of going on a diet to lose those extra pounds think again. Long-term weight control through dieting is near impossible, forrepparttar simple reason is that diets promote only short term solutions not long term.

After dieting you’ll certainly look lighter onrepparttar 131222 scales, but in most cases this is because you've dumped a few pounds of body fluid and muscle, and not because you've lost any significant amounts of body fat.

One ofrepparttar 131223 main reasons diets don't work is because they sendrepparttar 131224 body into starvation mode - a survival mechanism for times when humans faced periods of famine. Cutting back on our energy intake causesrepparttar 131225 body to lower its metabolic rate, which reduces its ability to burn fat.

Atrepparttar 131226 same time, hunger signals increase and we quickly start to crave high energy foods loaded with fats and sugars -repparttar 131227 exact foods we are trying to do without!

Alarmingly, research has shown that repeated dieting actually makes it harder to lose weight and easier to put it on.

This is because when you dumprepparttar 131228 diet and return to normal eating habits,repparttar 131229 drop in metabolic rate caused byrepparttar 131230 diet means that your old eating habits actually represent an excess in calories. Not only do you regainrepparttar 131231 fat stores just lost, but you may even gain a bit extra.

"Five more reasons to stop dieting"

·Diets sap energy - Too little food means not enough energy for physical activity.

·Diets lower your metabolism - Dieting causes your body to conserve energy, making results harder to achieve.

·Diets are unhealthy - A cycle of rapid weight loss followed by weight gain can lead to a loss of lean tissue from your body and calcium from your bones. It also stripsrepparttar 131232 body of essential vitamins and minerals.

·Diets make foodrepparttar 131233 enemy - Food provides nourishment and comfort. Diets can make you afraid to eat, depriving you of one of life's pleasures.

·Diets cheat your confidence - Going from one failed diet torepparttar 131234 next can leave you feeling depressed and create a cycle in which guilt battles against food.

Regular physical activity and a healthy, balanced diet aren't as glamorous asrepparttar 131235 quick fixes, but they do get better results.

Start with one extra exercise session and one less fatty takeaway meal per week, and gradually work towards a lifelong plan for achieving your best weight.

If you changerepparttar 131236 way you eat or exercise to lose weight, ask yourself this question. Can I see myself sticking to this routine for life?

Ifrepparttar 131237 answer is "no" then its time to change what you're doing. Any healthy weight loss plan should includerepparttar 131238 following:

How Music Can Help You Burn More Fat

Written by Arina Nikitina

Browsing one ofrepparttar Russian websites I have recently found a little article claiming that music can affect our health both improving and worsening it. That sounded very interesting and I decided to research how can music actually affect our well-being.

What I found has blown my mind and I want to sharerepparttar 131220 results with you.

Scientists all overrepparttar 131221 world agreed that music influences hormone production that are directly connected with our emotions. If you think about it you are influenced by music all repparttar 131222 time. Think of your last time you've watched a horror movie. Remember how music actually made your heart race faster. Music physicians in Japan and China help patients form their own music aid kits, where you can find CDs withrepparttar 131223 names like "Liver", "Lungs", "Migraine" or "Metabolism".

Now let me tell you about my most valuable discovery. Music can not only improve your overall health, it can also help you lose weight! Eating dinner while listening to Mozart helps to improve your metabolism and food digestion. When you eat while listening torepparttar 131224 pop or rock music you automatically start eating faster. As a result you swallow bigger pieces making it harder for your stomach to digestrepparttar 131225 food.

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