Give a Flower Gift with a Twist

Written by Kori Puckett

Okay, so you've waited untilrepparttar last minute. Or you've tried really hard but have drawn a blank and can't seem to think of any good wedding anniversary gifts.

It's time to pull out that bag of traditional romantic gift ideas. And this time you've decided to go with flowers, maybe even roses. But that doesn't have to berepparttar 125501 end of it. You can still make an impression, big time.

Spice up those traditional wedding anniversary gifts (or gifts for any occasion) easily. You can get romantic gifts online that present a unique, creative spin torepparttar 125502 old standby bouquet of flowers.

For example, have your pick of a rose dipped in gold or silver...or even chocolate. They won't cost you an arm and a leg, either!

Sometimes it's notrepparttar 125503 gift you give, butrepparttar 125504 way you present it that really sticks inrepparttar 125505 mind ofrepparttar 125506 receiver. Here are just some ideas on how you can use those traditional flower anniversary gifts and make a lasting impression...

Sweet Little Nothings Do Count for Something

Written by Kori Puckett

Afterrepparttar first, brilliant anniversary gift idea has been used up, impressing your significant other tends to get a bit more difficult. At least it does in your mind. You think you have to come up with some expensive, elaborate gift forrepparttar 125500 next time.

Well, no. Sometimes it'srepparttar 125501 little (inexpensive, even free) things we do that arerepparttar 125502 most appreciated and leave a lasting impression. For example, you could:

* Write love notes onrepparttar 125503 mirror, so it'll be one ofrepparttar 125504 first things they see inrepparttar 125505 morning when they wake up.

* Take a spin aroundrepparttar 125506 room to their favorite CD or song.

* Leave little love notes and poems here and there--atrepparttar 125507 workplace, inrepparttar 125508 mailbox, onrepparttar 125509 dashboard, etc.

* Make them breakfast in bed. A flower or other small gift may add a nice touch.

* Cook dinner forrepparttar 125510 night, especially if you're notrepparttar 125511 one who usually doesrepparttar 125512 cooking. Or you could order in a special meal.

*Have a picnic in your yard or inrepparttar 125513 park if you can, especially on a starry night. This would also berepparttar 125514 perfect opportunity to add a little extra and present your sweetie with their own star as a first anniversary gift idea (or any other occasion).

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