Give Me $1 And I'll Have A Powerful Marketing Weapon

Written by Al Martinovic

One of my most powerful marketing weapons actually costs me less than $1. I buy it once and it lasts me a lifetime. I use it over and over again and it never leaves my side.

What on earth could it be? Well, it's my trusty notebook! It is where I store all of my ideas.

Let me give you some examples. If I come across an email, even if it's sp*am, andrepparttar headline made me open up that email then by golly I will write that headline down in my notebook for future reference.

Ifrepparttar 108137 headline made me openrepparttar 108138 email then you can be sure others will open it as well. So in my trusty notebook I record allrepparttar 108139 email headlines that have captured my attention.

This wayrepparttar 108140 next time I am writing an email to my list or prospects etc. or if I am stuck for a headline, all I have to do is refer to my notebook which has plenty of headlines to choose from.

But don't stop there! If you visit a website or read a newspaper etc. and come across a great headline... write it down! Keep doing this and eventually you'll have pages of headlines to choose from and to test in your marketing campaign.

Manipulate Your Visitors With Reverse Psychology

Written by Rich Hamilton, Jr

Many people say that it is easy to write a sales copy and that there is really nothing to it. Well, all I can say is they are wrong! For many, writing your sales copy is difficult. Havingrepparttar ability to write sales copy is an attribute that not many people have. When writing a sales copy you need to realize that there are a lot of psychological principles that are involved inrepparttar 108136 process. Reverse psychology onrepparttar 108137 other hand, is even more powerful when it is used properly.

In this article I am going to go over how reverse psychology works, how to apply it to a sales copy and whenrepparttar 108138 best and effective time to use it is.

How Reverse Psychology Works

Reverse psychology is nothing more than a mind game you play andrepparttar 108139 object ofrepparttar 108140 game is to confuse and distortrepparttar 108141 minds of others. I know it may sound complicated, but really it's not. In fact, you've probably used it and don't even realize it. Let me give you an example of how it works, so that you can fully comprehend it.

If you have children, you can probably relate to this. When you tell children not to do something, what'srepparttar 108142 first thing they do? They get into whatever it is that you just told them not to, why? Because you have accelerated their curiosity and desire to see what you have. If you were to apply reverse psychology, you would tellrepparttar 108143 child that they could have it. It wouldn't be fun anymore, you've taken away their desire to have it and as a result, they wouldn't want it. Moreover, you have acceleratedrepparttar 108144 need to know why. Why are you giving it to them?

This does not only apply to children, this also applies to adults and they will react inrepparttar 108145 same way. If you were to applyrepparttar 108146 same scenario to an adult, they would react inrepparttar 108147 same manner asrepparttar 108148 child did.

Applying To Sales Copy

When isrepparttar 108149 best and most effective time to apply reverse psychology to your sales copy, it is in your opening statement, when establishing your credibility, and in your guarantee. These are just a few important elements of your sales copy that arerepparttar 108150 most effective areas to use reverse psychology on your visitors.

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