Give At The Office: Empty At Home

Written by Dr. Dorree Lynn

Asrepparttar stigma of seeking therapy has diminished, serious therapists have themselves become scapegoats and symbols for much that is wrong withrepparttar 126305 mental health field. This distrust ofrepparttar 126306 therapeutic professions comes at a time when there is an increasing unraveling of relationships, family, and community and society needs good therapists more than ever. Whilerepparttar 126307 Internet has brought us easy access to instant information and provided us with chat rooms to visit when we are lonely,repparttar 126308 Internet is itself responsible for many ofrepparttar 126309 new problems facing us, asrepparttar 126310 real structures that constitute a dependable emotional safety net are being eroded.

In an attempt to makerepparttar 126311 work place more inviting and employees more productive,repparttar 126312 new work environment may include amenities such as gyms, child-care centers, kitchens, valet and concierge services, sleeping rooms, and even rooms for worship. The underside of this shift towards “office as home” is that it is in direct competition with, and can seriously challenge,repparttar 126313 quality of family life. Thus, while improvingrepparttar 126314 work place—a major and important cultural construct—is all torepparttar 126315 good, it is, atrepparttar 126316 same time, contributing torepparttar 126317 erosion of an even more important cultural construct,repparttar 126318 family.

Family time is becoming sparse and scattered. Even those who work at home often lose their boundaries and find that work life and home life merge into one. Husbands and wives stop communicating, lovemaking disappears and children get shuttled from one activity to another or shunted from one ex to another.

Divorce Is Not A Good Idea Right Now

Written by Dr. Dorree Lynn

Since September 11th although tempers have flared, depression has increased and sleeplessness has become an unwelcome visitor to many, committed relationships have not faltered and divorce filings have declined. Why is this? Even though people are stressed and often wind up fighting with their husband, wife or significant other, something positive has also occurred. People realize that they need each other and that life really is too hard to do alone. They needrepparttar security of their valued friends and loved ones. A warm body in bed can feel good when you wake up terrified inrepparttar 126304 middle ofrepparttar 126305 night. Someone to talk to and to touch has taken on new meaning. And,repparttar 126306 single scene suddenly doesn’t seem all that it was once cracked up to be.

Relationships, kindness and gentleness salve serious wounds. Couples instinctively seem to understand this. When faced with new threats, differences that once seemed major can seem insignificant. In that way, this time of upheaval can be used positively to strengthenrepparttar 126307 ties that bind.

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