Gifts that Carry a Marketing Message

Written by Meredith Gossland of

When we decide on a price for our products and services we have established our chosen profit margin. As part of that process we figure inrepparttar cost of marketing, but this figure does not always include purchasing gifts for our clients. Gifts are often purchased on a whim, or out of guilt or gratitude. Business gifting should be a part ofrepparttar 147544 marketing costs, andrepparttar 147545 gifts should be viewed as marketing tools.

Once we establish an annual budget or a % of purchase price to be designated for gifting we can begin to plan every year on appropriate gifts for clients that are;

1) marketing tools

2) consistent

3) appropriate in cost

4) part of a branding program.

All of these factors should be considered for each and every gift.

1) Marketing tool: The gift says a lot about your company and your relationship torepparttar 147546 client. If it is a gift with advertising then it is considered just that, ....advertising (not a gift). As a marketing tool (not advertising),repparttar 147547 gift should reflect your companies values and mission statement.

Example: Car repair shop mission... to provide proper preventitive maintainence and repairs for our customers to keep their car inrepparttar 147548 best possible working condition at all times. Gift ideas might include a tire pressure gauge in an attractive box, automotive maintainence book forrepparttar 147549 glove compartment, % off coupons for next scheduled maintanence, or a gift certificate for a car wash.

Realtor provide help in all aspects of buying or selling a home or commercial property. Book on home repair, free gardening service for 2 months, gift certificate to Home Depot, one night stay in vaction area where client might think of purchasing a vacation home.

2) consistent: Once you have decided to give gifts you MUST make it as much as part ofrepparttar 147550 sale asrepparttar 147551 signing ofrepparttar 147552 contact. Consistency is critical. If you give a gift once and then never againrepparttar 147553 value ofrepparttar 147554 gift deminishes with each sale thereafter. It may vary in form from gift baskets, to coupons, to greeting cards, to gift baskets again, but it must be a part ofrepparttar 147555 sale. It is possible to make a habit of gifting annually as well but it's not good to giverepparttar 147556 same gift to all clients, especially in niche markets whererepparttar 147557 clients might know each other.

Packing Material That's Cheap!

Written by Michael Temple

Shipping materials can be expensive! Evenrepparttar styrofoam "peanuts" can cost a great deal. Here's a great idea for packing paterial that is bio-digradable, easy, and best of all...CHEAP!

Popcorn! Yep, popcorn! It is a wonderful packing product if it is done right. Here's how to make itrepparttar 147543 right way for using in your packaging:

1. Go down to your local goodwill store, or jump on eBay (tm) and find a popcorn air pumper. They are usually cheap, and you may even want to get 2 or 3 if you need a large quantity of packing material.

2. Find some large bags of popcorn. There's no need to get fancy about what kind you get. The cheapo kernals work just as well forrepparttar 147544 packing asrepparttar 147545 expensive brands. Remember, you're packing with it, not eating it.

3. Putrepparttar 147546 popcorn pumper over a large sealable container and "fire that baby up. Make large quantities of popcorn at one time and let it cool. After it cools you can putrepparttar 147547 lid on and save it for packing at anytime you wish to use it.

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