Gift Basket Ideas for Men

Written by Lisa DeClue

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Gift Basket Ideas for Men by Lisa DeClue

I'm always onrepparttar 136784 look out for great Gift Basket Ideas & have come up with a few especially for men. I'm using Home & Garden Party products, but you can easily adapt them to your line or what you have on hand.

Forrepparttar 136785 wannabe chef: Fill our Bean Pot with Carr's crackers, smoke flavoring, packets of chili seasoning & hot sauce. Wrap with cello and a plaid (or coordinating) bow with a masculine tag. He can make great chili with very little work!

Forrepparttar 136786 shower: Take a citrus or clean-smelling set of shower gel & lotion, a small wooden handled scrub brush and a rolled wash cloth or two, put in a wire basket fromrepparttar 136787 dollar store and wrap in cello... I suggest our Orange Blossom, Coconut Lime or Spearmint Eucalyptus scents.

Throat Singing In Inuit Culture

Written by Clint Leung

Originally, Inuit throat singing was a form of entertainment among Inuit women whilerepparttar men were away on hunting trips. It was an activity that was primarily done by Inuit women although there have been some men doing it as well. Inrepparttar 136753 Inuit language Inuktitut, throat singing is called katajjaq, pirkusirtuk or nipaquhiit depending onrepparttar 136754 Canadian Arctic region. It was regarded more as a type of vocal or breathing game inrepparttar 136755 Inuit culture rather than a form of music.

Inuit throat singing is generally done by two individuals but can involve four or more people together as well. In Inuit throat singing, two Inuit women would face each other either standing or crouching down while holding each other's arms. One would lead with short deep rhythmic sounds whilerepparttar 136756 other would respond. The leader would repeat sounds with short gaps in between. The follower would fill in these gaps with her own rhythmic sounds. Sometimes both Inuit women would be doing a dance like movement like rocking from left to right while throat singing. Sounds produced can be voiced or unvoiced and produced by inhalation or exhalation. Both Inuktitut words and meaningless syllables are used in Inuit throat singing songs. However, when words are used in throat singing, no particular meaning is placed on them for a song. When meaningless syllables are used, they are often portrayals of soundsrepparttar 136757 Inuit hear in their natural environment such as animal sounds or even water running down a creek. Popular Inuit throat singing songs are usually identified byrepparttar 136758 first word or sound that is produced in each song.

Inuit throat singing is a skill that has to be taught and developed. Inuit throat singers try to show their vocal abilities in a fun competitive manner andrepparttar 136759 first one to either run out of breath, stop or laugh is declaredrepparttar 136760 loser ofrepparttar 136761 game. Each game usually lasts from one to three minutes. In a group of Inuit women,repparttar 136762 overall winner isrepparttar 136763 one who beatsrepparttar 136764 largest number of her competitors in this fun filled activity.

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