Ghosts: How Energy Factors Into Their Existence

Written by Gloria Young

As a child, my father always told us ghost stories. The stories were of experiences that he and our family had in homes that they visited or lived in. I was always fascinated byrepparttar thought that ghosts might be real. It wasn't until I grew up and actually began having experiences myself that I decided that this was something I needed to know much more about. It seemsrepparttar 122227 more I tried to get answers,repparttar 122228 more I got questions.

Overrepparttar 122229 years I have come up with some answers after usingrepparttar 122230 theories developed by scientists many years ago. Discovering these answers has made me more aware of what ghosts are and where they may have come from. Although I don’t haverepparttar 122231 “real” or “true” answers, this is not becauserepparttar 122232 information is incorrect, it is because there are no experts inrepparttar 122233 paranormal field. This includes me. I am not an expert, however, I have done as much research, if not more, than some ofrepparttar 122234 paranormal investigators working today. After working onrepparttar 122235 research, performingrepparttar 122236 investigations and reaching a conclusion, I can bring you some honest answers to what we believe ghosts are and where they come from.

Probably sincerepparttar 122237 beginning of time, ghosts have beenrepparttar 122238 subjects of many conversations. Sometimes these conversations were done in a hush-hush manner because ofrepparttar 122239 stigma associated with talking about this subject. Many had to talk behind closed doors and make sure that it was only with people they trusted. Nevertheless, talk of ghosts continued and has evolved into a trendy, get-a-thrill hobby.

So, exactly what is a ghost? Where does a ghost come from? Why are they here? Let me see if I can make some sense out of something we don’t understand. What is a ghost? It is thought that ghosts are people. They were once people who lived and breathed much like you and me and then for various reasons, they died. It could be a father, mother, brother, sister….well, you getrepparttar 122240 point. It could be anyone. Usingrepparttar 122241 mechanics of physics we understand that people prior to being born, start as energy. When we are born, we are given a “shell” or a body to live in althoughrepparttar 122242 energy is still within us. Some people or religions consider this a soul. Whenrepparttar 122243 body has finally become worn out due to years of use or, if something has happened that we die earlier than our years,repparttar 122244 body dies andrepparttar 122245 remaining energy removes itself fromrepparttar 122246 body.

Medical personnel have told stories for years of being atrepparttar 122247 bedside of a dying patient and atrepparttar 122248 moment thatrepparttar 122249 person passes, seeing a “wisp” of something or an energy of some type floating upward. There have always been stories similar to that from people who work in similar fields ranging from firefighters, paramedics, etc. They have related amazing stories from dying people of seeingrepparttar 122250 “light”, seeing relatives long since deceased, going throughrepparttar 122251 “tunnel”, etc. It is not possible from a physical point of view that dying patients are able to acquirerepparttar 122252 strength to physically open their eyes brightly, smile, move their mouths and talk or act as if talking, lean up out of bed when overrepparttar 122253 course of their illnesses they have lostrepparttar 122254 ability to do these things. If they have nearedrepparttar 122255 end of their lives, it is said that relatives come back to retrieve their loved ones and “take them home”. From a paranormal standpoint and having witnessed this miracle myself, I must confess that it is true. These actions do occur. A person who is nearingrepparttar 122256 end of their lives will, usually one day prior to their death, suddenly become alert, sit up, perhaps talk or at least knowingly acknowledge their loved ones still living and have a chance to say their goodbyes. It is on that next day that usually they will die. Could it be a blessing from God? What is it that gives these peoplerepparttar 122257 strength that they probably haven’t had in days, months, years to be able to perform these tasks? Again, more questions….no answers.

Love and Light

Written by Skye Thomas

Seems that everyone who writes to me signs their letters "love and light." It has such a bright uplifting sound to it. Lightworkers are being taught to holdrepparttar energy ofrepparttar 122226 light and to equate love with a warm white light that heals and protects. After what feels like an age of suppression and darkness, it all sounds like such a refreshing change, much likerepparttar 122227 first bits of sunlight after a long harsh winter. And sorepparttar 122228 pendulum swings. Still we do not find balance.

Years ago a man came to speak at our church. Forgive me for my lousy memory, but I cannot recall which indigenous tribe or belief system he taught. What I remember is that he had an amazingly calm and soothing presence and that he ran us through a chanting meditation that hadrepparttar 122229 entire room spell bound with love and healing energy. What he taught is what stuck with me. He said that his people do not assume anything when sending each other healing energy. They do not predetermine thatrepparttar 122230 person needs white light, or green light, or physical healing, or mental healing or anything else. They imagine darkness warm and secure like a mother's womb protecting and embracingrepparttar 122231 person who appears to need help. They send them energy that is void of all color or emotion so thatrepparttar 122232 person and his spirit can do as they will with it. It'srepparttar 122233 ultimate in detachment. They simply sendrepparttar 122234 darkness and allow it to become whatever it needs to become in order to healrepparttar 122235 persons body or soul. I imagined it as pure unrefined energy rather than as highly tuned and polished energy thatrepparttar 122236 Lightworkers have so beautifully crafted. The concept stuck with me. Among his people there is no battle betweenrepparttar 122237 light andrepparttar 122238 darkness. All energy is ofrepparttar 122239 original source and all is holy and sacred.

I look to nature for reassurance that this is indeedrepparttar 122240 natural way of things. The sun andrepparttar 122241 seasons have their natural perfect cycles of light and darkness, of growth and of death. Ifrepparttar 122242 summer lasted forever,repparttar 122243 grass and trees would all shrivel up and die. Ifrepparttar 122244 darkness lasted forever,repparttar 122245 seeds would never sprout anew. We can love each for its gift and even have a favorite that touches us a bit more thenrepparttar 122246 other, butrepparttar 122247 balance is perfect and runs along beautifully with or without our loving it. The cycles of life and death, light and darkness do not require our help nor our approval. Such is healing and religion. All that is, is.... with or without our comprehension or approval.

Light and darkness need each other as a yin yang reveals. Withoutrepparttar 122248 other to reflect itself off of, they cease to exist. Rememberrepparttar 122249 cool shade underrepparttar 122250 trees on a hot summer day. Rememberrepparttar 122251 cool dark room for healing a migraine headache. Rememberrepparttar 122252 restorative sleep that is best done inrepparttar 122253 dark. The caveman inside of us may still be afraid ofrepparttar 122254 dark, but it does not mean thatrepparttar 122255 darkness and its energy is bad or evil. Much evil has been done inrepparttar 122256 light of day. Much evil has been done inrepparttar 122257 name of God and every other holy label we give torepparttar 122258 light. And goodness can also come ofrepparttar 122259 shadows.

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