Geurrilla Health Tactics: 5 Snappy Tips For A Healthier, Happier You

Written by Christopher Brown

The subject of health care itself often seems plagued with conflicting advice, or even heated controversy. Witnessrepparttar recent Cruise-Shields incident, which will doubtless occupy several chapters in future health and nutrition texts. So what to do about this advice-riddled and divisive field when you want to find out what you can do to better your own health? We suggest that you do a little research, read differing opinions, andrepparttar 147592 reasons given for them, and then go with what you feel confident about.

Although I am neither a doctor nor a health care professional, I have studied a great deal aboutrepparttar 147593 effects of various kinds of personal habits, vitmains, etc., and their known consequences to your health. So here I will offer what I regard as well-proven tips for really improving your own health in very practical and effective ways.

1. Eat yogurt and a banana every day. Yogurt has live cultures in it, meaning "good bacteria" that your body absolutely needs, and which any caffeine beverage or alcohol will tend to reduce or eliminate. Electricity and anti-biotics kill these off too. This good bacteria functions like millions of tiny janitors, eating up and cleaning away any sort of debris which might float about in your bloodstream or body. You must replace these daily to stay healthy inrepparttar 147594 long run, and yogurt is one ofrepparttar 147595 easiest sources both for this, and for calcium. You can also buy acidophilus milk atrepparttar 147596 grocery store, or pro-biotics from your local health food store.

Bananas contain potassium, a mineral necessary for many bodily functions, including muscle development and maintaining proper hydration, and which can Ė and often does Ė suffer depletion from environmental and dietary factors. So, as they say, go bananas.

2. Eat fresh Ė not cooked or canned - vegetables and fruit every day without fail. Once you heat a vegetable to over 120F degrees,repparttar 147597 enzymes they contain begin to break down. These enzymes aidrepparttar 147598 digestion process, which formsrepparttar 147599 central part of good health. There are other ways to get enzymes in your diet, but eating fresh fruits and veggies remainsrepparttar 147600 best way.

A great way to enjoy your daily dose of enzymes comes by "juicing." This has become something of a health craze of late, and a great one at that. You can buy a good juicer for about $200 or so, or for less if you don't mind bargain hunting. Try e-bay. To "jucie," you simply turnrepparttar 147601 juicer on and stuff your fruits and veggies downrepparttar 147602 chute. The juicer then aggressively works them over, yielding onlyrepparttar 147603 juice inside them outrepparttar 147604 bottom chute to fill your cup.

Fresh fruit and veggie juice is delicious, and it will really help improve your health in many little ways. Try combining different juice "partners," including oranges and carrots. They go well together. And, yes, ladies,repparttar 147605 vitamins and minerals in fresh fruit and veggie juice can help give your skin a healthier, more youthful tone. Andrepparttar 147606 anti-oxidants they offer overflow with other health benefits too.

3. Exercise For Fun. Find a game or sport you enjoy, and do it for 10 minutes a day. My children love it when I chase them aroundrepparttar 147607 park Ė so I do. They laugh and we all exercise, but no one outruns "the claw." Studies show, time and again that most people donít exercise because they think they donít have enough time. But this is nonsense. Most people waste more than 10 minutes a day just chatting.

Start slowly if you are a beginner, and go easy. Maybe just walk for 10 minutes at a comfortable pace. Just do SOMETHING. 10 minutes of exercise every day will greatly enhance every aspect of your health, starting with your cardiovascular system. After you feel confident with your level of health, set some short term goals. Time yourself, and see if you can do it "just a little" farther or faster. If itís too hard, slow down or back off a little. Enjoy your exercise. It really can be fun.

Teaching a subject you don't know

Written by Mary Joyce

With out any doubtrepparttar best way for any child to learn is with undivided one on one instruction. This definition alone points directly torepparttar 147591 childís parents. Who better to provide such an environment thanrepparttar 147592 ultimate someone who loves and cares forrepparttar 147593 child and how they learn?

Fortunately,repparttar 147594 homeschooling parent need not be an expert in every subject matter area. Homeschool instruction goes beyondrepparttar 147595 classroom setting and takes inrepparttar 147596 entire world! Homeschool support groups and information is abundant and one doesnít have to look any further for help thanrepparttar 147597 library,repparttar 147598 internet, community centers, and even local colleges. The key is if you donít knowrepparttar 147599 subject matter, be willing to investigate it and even learn along with your child. And when looking for homeschool resources donít forget friends, acquaintances, andrepparttar 147600 business community as a whole.

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