Getting the most out of your mail account

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Email isrepparttar lifeline of any online business, offering a cost effective method of communication overrepparttar 134438 Internet. If you have an online presence and/or business it is essential that you have your own mail server - a mail server is a site onrepparttar 134439 web where you can have your own personal mail box. With a mail server you can send and receive mail to just about anyone onrepparttar 134440 Internet. However there is a lot more to having a mail account then just sending and receiving mail, such as auto-responders, forwarders, aliases, mailing lists and catch all mailboxes.

Aliases Make sure that you can set up as many aliases as you like with your ISP. An alias is another name for an email address or a number of addresses. Many ISP allow you to have multiple aliases such as and

Auto-responders An auto-responder is an automatically generated email message that provides static information torepparttar 134441 recipient. For example, if an email is sent to one of your email addresses an email will be sent automatically torepparttar 134442 sender ofrepparttar 134443 email.

Forwarders Make sure you check with your ISP that you can set up forwarders. Forwarding is where different aliases can be forwarded to one or more email addresses. For example, if you haverepparttar 134444 email address, you can set up a forwarder so that all emails sent to are forwarded to your other email address

How Much Hosting Space Do You Need?

Written by Herman Drost

Many web hosts try to sell you a large amount of web hosting space that then costs you a lot each month. However, you may not need this much space. Have you ever calculated just how much disc space (MB) your web site uses? Do you really need an expensive hosting solution for your web site?

For my first web site, I purchased 20mb of disc space and wondered if this would be enough as I added pages to it. Well, recently I checked repparttar size of this site which had grown to over 20 pages. To my surpriserepparttar 134437 size was only 3,269KB. This means it only uses a little over 3Mb of disk space.

Most of my friends sites also only use 2-3Mb for their sites. Therefore it is not necessary to purchase a large amount of space for a small site (if 20 pages = 3Mb, then 20Mb = 140 pages approx). Are you paying TOO much forrepparttar 134438 actual space you need?

How Do You Calculate The File Size Of Your Web Site? 1. First you need to understand how file size is measured. The smallest unit on a computer is a bit. One bit is one electronic on or off pulse. 8 bits strung together make one byte. One byte of information can put a letter, such as "B" on your screen.

If you put 1024 bytes together and then you have one unit of information called a kilobyte. Put 1024 kilobytes together and you have a megabyte. (Most floppy disks hold around 1.4 megabytes of information). Most of your graphics and web pages are measured in megabytes.

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