Getting the most from a Test Drive

Written by Jason Hulott

So,repparttar car looks great, you can picture yourself in it .. and now,repparttar 102793 most important part - it is time for a test drive.

Don’t dismissrepparttar 102794 test drive as just part ofrepparttar 102795 sales process, taking a test drive isrepparttar 102796 most important part of buying a car. Yet so many people dismiss it as formality!

And if you don’t believe me, I (embarrassingly!) write from experience! The car that I’d lusted over, that ‘dream’ car that I’d so avidly researched, I sat in it inrepparttar 102797 car dealers, fell in love and signed up onrepparttar 102798 dotted line (without taking a test drive – I didn’t feel I needed to)!

Sadly, my ‘dream’ car, that I used for a 60 mile round trip twice a day forrepparttar 102799 next three years had a blind spot! The day I part exchanged that car, I test drove every possible replacement for my ‘dream-turned-nightmare’ car!

So, how do you getrepparttar 102800 most from your test drive?

First of, if you are refused a drive, don’t buyrepparttar 102801 car. Do you want to be stuck with a car that you are not comfortable in; one whererepparttar 102802 seat is too low and gives you backache? One that has a blind spot?!

The ideal road test should ideally be at least five miles to give you a chance to experience different speeds and road types and forrepparttar 102803 mechanics to warm up properly.

What to check When test driving from a car dealership, most do have their own insurance – but do double check!

If buying privately, check on your own policy that you are insured and check thatrepparttar 102804 car you are looking to buy has an MOT and up-to-date road tax.

Checkrepparttar 102805 condition ofrepparttar 102806 car – look for any dinks, dents, scratches. Look atrepparttar 102807 condition ofrepparttar 102808 tyres and look underrepparttar 102809 bonnet. (It is always best - wherever you are buying a car from – to have someone who knows a bit about them to come with you and give you a second opinion).

First of all, watchrepparttar 102810 current owner driverepparttar 102811 car – this will give you a feel for howrepparttar 102812 car is treated. For example, someone who ‘rides’repparttar 102813 clutch means that if you do buyrepparttar 102814 car, you may have to fork out for a new clutch soon.

Choosing the right car

Written by Jason Hulott

We all dream aboutrepparttar car we’d like, Maybe we see one inrepparttar 102792 street and think “that’srepparttar 102793 one for me” then, being fickle, will see another a little further alongrepparttar 102794 street and say “No, that’srepparttar 102795 car I want!”.

Don’t worry, this is quite normal, very few people know exactly what they want.

Here, we give you some considerations on choosingrepparttar 102796 right car for you so you don’t end up saddled with a car that, frankly, disappoints you! Remember that you are likely to spend a lot of your time sitting in it andrepparttar 102797 model you choose will say a lot about you to other people.

What will be your new car’s main purpose? Your lifestyle and what your new car will be used for isrepparttar 102798 very first thing you need to think about. Basically, your dream car may be TT Roadster (a two-seater) bit ifrepparttar 102799 car is to be used to droprepparttar 102800 kids off to school, then it really won’t be suitable!

Consider this …. • Isrepparttar 102801 car going to be used for family trips? • commuting to work in? (then choose a diesel to getrepparttar 102802 most from your fuel) • will it be a sporty second car for week-ends? • Does it need to used for off-roading? • Will it be needed for business? • Are you married or single? Do you have children? etc etc

This will then help you build a picture in mind ofrepparttar 102803 car that is realistically right for you

The costs Another important consideration is running costs:

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