Getting on the Radio: 10 tips to a successful talkshow

Written by Barry Forward

For many of us, getting on a radio talkshow can be a great tactical move as part of our overall publicity effort. Pitching an appearance on a talkshow begins with much ofrepparttar same groundwork as preparing for a news release or other media pitch, you need to have a story idea or an angle to present torepparttar 124498 prospective radio show. Here are ten basic tips to use if you are considering presenting yourself as a talkshow guest.

1. Prepare a Backgrounder/Fact Sheet: This is particularly important if this is your first venture out intorepparttar 124499 media. Radio talkshow hosts and their producers need to be assured that they are talking with a credible source. Just saying you are an expert in a particular field is not enough especially if you are somewhat of an unknown quantity.

2. Researchrepparttar 124500 Talkshow: Nothing kills your chances better than approaching a talkshow producer with a topic idea that in no way resemblesrepparttar 124501 style and content discussions normally aired onrepparttar 124502 show. If you know what type of topics or pet projectsrepparttar 124503 talkshow host usually focuses on you should be able to tailor your pitch to be more in line with their subject matter, and raiserepparttar 124504 chances of getting onrepparttar 124505 show.

3. Capitalize on your Experience: Nothing scares a talkshow producer more thanrepparttar 124506 possibility of scheduling a guest with a great topic who oncerepparttar 124507 microphones are open has little or nothing to say. If you can demonstrate any past experience in anything that resemblesrepparttar 124508 talkshow experience such as speaking engagements or lecturing,repparttar 124509 producer is more apt to take a shot a your appearance.

4. Find outrepparttar 124510 best time to call: Selling yourself as a guest on a talkshow is like any other sales call you don't want to call a potential prospect at their busiest time. Unless you are pitching an extremely high budget program you should avoid calling them whilerepparttar 124511 talkshow is onrepparttar 124512 air. If you can find out when they normally field calls allrepparttar 124513 better.

5. Ride a News Wave: Ifrepparttar 124514 subject area you are considering pitching relates to a topic that is currently inrepparttar 124515 news your interest to a talk show program is heightened. For example, if you are high tech company that is making money despiterepparttar 124516 downturn in repparttar 124517 economy each timerepparttar 124518 tech sector is attacked inrepparttar 124519 media there is an opportunity for you to pitch yourself as a potential guest.

PITCHING YOUR NEWS STORY: Newspapers still first place to start

Written by Barry Forward

The Internet has quickly becomerepparttar default launch point for many media pitch campaigns. Business owners have quickly graspedrepparttar 124497 ease at which they can blast their news out through online newsletters, email campaigns and online wire services. Essentiallyrepparttar 124498 Internet has made getting your name inrepparttar 124499 media seem a whole lot easier. BUT just because your news release happens to appear on a website somewhere, does that mean it's actually being read?

A new survey has found that news consumption, our daily helpings of local, national and international news, still comes predominantly fromrepparttar 124500 daily newspaper. Yes, despiterepparttar 124501 obvious increase in Internet use, most of us still look torepparttar 124502 daily printed tabloids and broadsheets for our news fixes. 52 percent of us sayrepparttar 124503 newspaper is still number one and something that we are not going to part with easily, despiterepparttar 124504 prognostications of many a digital futurist.

So just what does this mean if you are in business and trying to generate some publicity for your company - start withrepparttar 124505 newspaper first. Or thatrepparttar 124506 very least when you are developing your priority list make surerepparttar 124507 local newspaper is atrepparttar 124508 top of your hit list and that you write a version of your news release specifically forrepparttar 124509 traditional print press.

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