Getting my Internet Business Started

Written by Brenda Pagel

I have a little experience inrepparttar business world, but not much. I was a Mortgage Broker for about a year. That’s about it. Before that, I was a delivery driver for five years.

I was going from job to job trying to findrepparttar 117205 “right” one. Busting my butt for corporate companies who really only cared about numbers. How much I can make or do for them. I was just another number in their system.

That’s when I started working onrepparttar 117206 Internet. I had been thinking about it for quite a while. I was very skeptical. The way I see it though, it’s no different than working for a large company as a Mortgage Broker, except I’mrepparttar 117207 boss!

I started my business online a little over a year ago. I stopped for a while, because of unforeseen circumstances. Then I got back into it.

I am involved in several affiliate programs.

•Six Figure Income

•Push Button Publishing


•The Internet Marketing Center

•Sure Fire Marketing

Which can all be found at:


Past failure and disappointments have motivated me. Listening torepparttar 117208 successful entrepreneurs helps to motivate me, also. I know it can be done. It takes willpower, faith and a little elbow grease.

I have an office set up acrossrepparttar 117209 hall from my bedroom. I use a Pentium 4, 256 MB Gateway computer with a printer and scanner. I recently switched from dial-up Internet connection to cable modem. That makes a huge difference. I will never go back to dial-up!

I do most of my business online. I have done some mailing. The Internet is so much quicker and easier. I do prefer usingrepparttar 117210 Internet for most of my business.

The one thing I don’t like aboutrepparttar 117211 Internet isrepparttar 117212 fact that I don’t get to deal with people face-to-face. But that’s why I do a small part-time job away from home. And that job is only 5 minutes from home. I don’t like long commutes. Who does?

I do mostly publishing onrepparttar 117213 Internet. Promoting my business and affiliate sites. And when doing this, I learn some really neat stuff about other people.

Do You Really Need A Website To Succeed

Written by bb lee

Do You Really Need A Website To Succeed? by BB Lee (C)2003

355 Words

Rosalind wants to share her inspirational poetry with a wider community. Alas, poor Rosalind lives in a remote town.

Jonathan is a graphics artist who settled in a mountain resort community after he left college. He would like to start a graphics business in this new location but office space in local buildings is far too expensive and his meager advertising budget wouldn't attract enough customers to get started.

Merle was a secretary at a college for many years. She retired recently. She missesrepparttar interaction with students. And spends her time surfingrepparttar 117204 Internet. She has an idea for starting a business matching students with other students in her community who are looking to share housing. And thinksrepparttar 117205 Internet would be a perfect avenue to reach out to them and attract clients.

What do they have in common?

They need to reach a wider audience. They have a product or service to sell. They have a talent to promote. Their funds are very limited.

If you can relate to a few ofrepparttar 117206 above and answered "Yes" this sounds exactly like me!

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