Getting into Mailing: What Printers Need to Know

Written by Ted D. Seward

Many printers, frustrated with minimal revenue gains, look to mailing services to drive incremental profits. Adding mailing services can offer synergy with existing printing services, with minimal investment and a fast learning curve.

Are You Ready?

Recent surveys indicate 65 percent of everything printed is eventually mailed. If your printing jobs follow this pattern, you could be ready to incorporate mailing services into your business.

Step one is to review your mailing-service plans with key customers, whose buy-in is critical to your success. These discussions will provide a better understanding of what it will take to getrepparttar job done, which in turn can strongly influence initial software and equipment priorities.

Likely components may include a workstation (minimally, a powerful desktop PC equipped with USPS-approved presorting software); an inkjet addressing machine; work tables for staging; a strapper, tabber, postage meter and scale; plus a conveyor, inserter, and assorted supplies. Naturally, you’ll need additional floor space to accommodate this equipment; most mailroom floor plans suggest a minimum requirement of 400 square feet.

Investment Costs and ROI

Speed, volume, and mailing class all significantly influence initial cost outlays. An occasional mailer — handling postcards with small runs, for instance — can probably get started with little more than $15,000 in startup expenses; larger-scale operations may require a substantially greater initial investment.

Don’t letrepparttar 145428 price tags scare you away: with an expected average revenue of $.07 per piece mailed, a $15,000 investment would take roughly 215,000 pieces of mail to break even. And depending onrepparttar 145429 nature of your planned mailing services, you could even repurpose existing equipment or buy refurbished hardware resources until you’re on your feet.

As you shop for mailing solutions, you’ll noticerepparttar 145430 cliché “You get what you pay for” applies far more to hardware purchases than to software, where big performance can come in remarkably cost-effective packages. How can you tell what software is right for you? Start with basic USPS qualifications:

* CASS: Coding Accuracy Support System certification — confirmingrepparttar 145431 use of up-to-date ZIP + 4, carrier route and 5-digit ZIP coding data — is a must for any presorting software. * PAVE: Presort Accuracy, Validation and Evaluation certifications vary by sorts and mail classes. Isrepparttar 145432 software PAVE-certified forrepparttar 145433 types of mail you expect to handle? * Visit for a list of PAVE-certified software vendors.

The USPS: Intimidating, but Manageable

Don’t let postal rules frighten you away from potential new revenues! Requirements set byrepparttar 145434 United States Postal Service for mailings are undeniably complex, but resources are everywhere that can help you stay compliant, productive and profitable in your new venture.

First, trust your mailing software: those CASS and PAVE certifications prove it’s been programmed to follow ever-changing postal details. Also, many software developers offer free technical assistance; some even train their support staff in mailing details as well asrepparttar 145435 software itself. The right provider will be happy to hold your hand until you are comfortable with their product.

Instead of trying to achieve mailing “expert” status overnight, pace yourself by becoming well versed in regulations that apply directly torepparttar 145436 mailing needs of your key customers. The USPS postsrepparttar 145437 latest regulation changes inrepparttar 145438 Domestic Mail Manual (find it at, and plenty of other free publications are available to walk you through essential postal rules.

Safety in Numbers: Professional Mailing Resources

Try to develop a working relationship with your local Post Office — not just meetingrepparttar 145439 local Postmaster, but getting face-to-face withrepparttar 145440 personnel who receive and handle your mailpieces. Many new-to-mail printers join their local Postal Customer Councils, which offer forums to discuss general mailing issues among postal representatives and mailers at all levels of expertise.

How To Use Pictures To Immediately Start Increasing The Response Rates Of Your Marketing

Written by Craig Garber

There should only be one, over-riding reason why you're doing anything in your marketing.

Know what that reason is?

Of course! To increaserepparttar response rates of your sales promotions!

Because that leads to...

Making Yourself A Nice Little Boat-Load Of Cash!

Today I'm going to let you in on a little-known secret about how to use "pictures" in your sales promotions,repparttar 144202 right way... andrepparttar 144203 wrong way... so you can start turbo-charging your existing promotions, immediately!

First of all, if you’re using pictures -- whether in newspaper or magazine display ads... online... or in sales letters -- make sure, no matter what, you're using real-live photographs and not drawings.

People "bond" better to other people, not to "drawings of other people".

Think of any picture of a little infant you may have seen. You can't help but smile, right?

The truth is, you wouldn't have had that same reaction if you were thinking about a "drawing" of an infant now, would you?

Second, if you're going to be using photographs of your goods or services, show your products or services actually "being used".

See, assumingrepparttar 144204 people who want your products are reading your ads inrepparttar 144205 first place... action-shots draw your prospects "into" your sales messages, making your prospects visualize themselves using your product.

For example: Most ofrepparttar 144206 time, when people are selling swimming pools, they show you a beautiful empty pool surrounded by an immaculately clean deck.

But wouldn't you be a lot more likely to picture yourself drifting lazily onrepparttar 144207 surface of your pool, with a cool drink in your hand...repparttar 144208 sun beating down on you from up above... beads of sweat pouring over your eyebrows and dripping ontorepparttar 144209 edges of your sunglasses... if you saw a picture of someone doing that exact same thing in that photo ofrepparttar 144210 swimming pool you were looking at?

And don't you think you're a lot more inclined to buy a pool if you can actually see yourself in that pool relaxing, right now?

Here, try something: I want you to close your eyes right now and totally immerse your thoughts with nothing else but that picture of yourself relaxing in your pool... without a care inrepparttar 144211 world.

Your kids are having fun close by (and not fighting with each other for a change)... your partner's on their way in, wading over to you with a fresh cold icy drink... and there's not a cloud inrepparttar 144212 sky.

O.K... Now... Snap out of it!

How did you feel?

Refreshing, right?

So you understand then, you want your prospects visualizing themselves using your products, so they start getting involved with your product in their own minds.

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