Getting a head start with RSS

Written by mark white

Getting a head start with RSS

Being a small site owner i am always looking for advice fromrepparttar experts for ways to make my life easier when it comes to getting listed inrepparttar 128258 big search engines like google and yahoo quickly, cheaply and correctly.

Any way i can get a good listing for correctly chosen keywords is explored and if proven then I implement them.

I would like to share two ways of obtaining these listings from one expert.

Her name is tinu abayomi-paul and she runsrepparttar 128259 website , dedicated to finding ways of getting free traffic and is well known as a google expert.

Using rss correctly is easy withrepparttar 128260 right guidance andrepparttar 128261 advantages are enormous.

These arerepparttar 128262 links torepparttar 128263 information you can look through to decide if these articles are for you.

Tips from Chicago Search Engine Strategies

Written by Tanya Martin

The first meeting I went to forrepparttar day was Organic Listing Forum at Search Engine Strategies. Bruce Clay, President of Bruce Clay, LLC and Mike Grehan, CEO of Smart Interactive (and Author of Search Engine Marketing: The Essential Best Practice Guide) wererepparttar 128257 speakers. Detlev Johnson, President of Technology, SuccessWorks Search Marketing Solutions, moderatedrepparttar 128258 Forum.

Each speaker gave a presentation for a few minutes and then they went to questions. Here are some ofrepparttar 128259 questions and answers that were given (they are not word for word).

Question: Is it okay to use cloaking technology? Answer: Yes as long as it is usingrepparttar 128260 same information from your website. But don’t use it to spam keywords.

Question: Which is better to use when naming files or folders, hyphen or underscore? Answer: All panel members recommended using hyphens not underscores. They said search engines have confirmed that they recognize hyphens as spaces. Underscores are not seen as spaces,repparttar 128261 words will be joined to form one word.

Question: How many hyphens are to many hyphens? Answer: You shouldn’t use more than 2-3. Preferable you shouldn’t use more than 2. Bruce Clay mentioned that he rarely uses them except for words that need to be separated, his example was mensexchange, which he used a hyphen like this mens-exchange. (so nobody would see it as men sex change).

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