Getting a domain name

Written by Padawan

Registering a domain name is one ofrepparttar two tasks that you will have to undertake before even building your website. The other process is obtaining hosting for your site.

A domain name makes up part ofrepparttar 105973 address of your site and can have many endings, such as .com, .net,, .info, .org and many many more.

Choosing a Domain Name

Obviouslyrepparttar 105974 type of name you wish to register will depend largely uponrepparttar 105975 purpose of your site. For example if you are publishing a slideshow of photos for your relatives to view oversees then a domain name something like "" or "" will work well for you.

Onrepparttar 105976 other hand, if you are designing a site to attract anonymous visitors either as a hobby or because you a running a business then something more catchy and descriptive will be needed.

This is because your average surfer, viewing many hundreds of web pages, will only search you out and then remember you from your keywords (more on this later).

For example, would be a much better choice than The first example is more memorable and may benefit from better traffic due torepparttar 105977 keywords inrepparttar 105978 title. The hyphens between words also makerepparttar 105979 name far more readable.

What Is Search Engine Marketing?

Written by Sherry Holub

What Is Search Engine Marketing?

Search Engine Marketing, often referred to as SEM, is a topic of great concern to most companies. Four ofrepparttar most important aspects of this type of marketing are:

* SEM can drive more qualified traffic to your website. * SEM can Increase customer leads and sales. * SEM can help to maximize your brand visibility. * SEM, when done correctly, can become a very cost effective method of online marketing.

SEM, like many aspects ofrepparttar 105972 web, is continually evolving and changing. A good marketing firm stays on top of these changes to continually delivery quality results from your online campaign. When looking forrepparttar 105973 right firm to handle your SEM and website optimization, here are just a few questions to keep in mind:

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