Getting Your Site Seen

Written by Jason Rickard

Getting Your Site Seen

Generating a Buzz

I am going to break it into two very easy categories - Press Releases and Article Submissions

Press Releases - New websites seem to believe that people who need their service or product will just find them because of that need. Anyone who has started a site just to sit back and letrepparttar orders or visitors roll in has been quickly reminded that despite beingrepparttar 137931 "web", people still need to know you are there. There are plenty of great sites that allow you to "announce" your arrival. Even if you are an established site you are still able to write a press release to announce any new products or tools you may have. Somehow inrepparttar 137932 move from newspapers to internet many have lostrepparttar 137933 fine art of writing an engaging (and self serving of course) press release. I will write another article sometime about that lost art with step by step instructions. Inrepparttar 137934 meantime, just read some ofrepparttar 137935 other Press Releases and adapt your own. These press releases are spidered by google so it is a great way to not only drive traffic to your site but get a link also.

Here are some sites to start with: : Your free press release goes to google news( and searchengines like yahoo, msn altavaista and you can viewrepparttar 137936 history and statistics. For this release, your article must be professional.

A web traffic secret guaranteed to give you 16,807 visitors to your blog on a regular basis

Written by Christopher Kyalo

If you are interested in getting even higher traffic to your blog by making use ofrepparttar real power ofrepparttar 137630 net, please read on.

This article is written in question and answer fromat.

Q- Is it really possible to get traffic running into millions to a blog?

A- You knowrepparttar 137631 answer is yes, there are blogs getting that kind of traffic now as we speak.

Q- Can any ordinary person build up that kind of traffic?

A- Yes. The secret lies in being able to understandrepparttar 137632 real power ofrepparttar 137633 net and then setting up your business to take full advantage of it.

Q- So what isrepparttar 137634 real power ofrepparttar 137635 net?

A- Referral marketing. Hotmail grew from zero to millions of users in a few days by setting up a simple system where everybody who sent out mail referred others torepparttar 137636 service. It was done with a short message atrepparttar 137637 end ofrepparttar 137638 mail inviting people to sign up.

Both Google and Yahoo are currently using referral marketing techniques to launch their new services. For example you know that you can only get a Gmail email address by invitation (referral). This service may not have been that hot had it been freely available to everybody.

Even blogs thrive on referral marketing. How do they get those huge audiences within such a short time? It’s by getting linked to as many other blogs and sites as possible. That’s referral marketing, you hear about a blog from somebody else, you visit and like it and send a close friendrepparttar 137639 link.

That isrepparttar 137640 real power ofrepparttar 137641 net, its’ amazing ability to spread a referral message efficiently and at high speed. If you see a good movie, you may forget to tell your spouse or friend about it. You may even forget th title and what theatre it is showing in. Butrepparttar 137642 net does not forget. A link does not forget, as long as it is there.

Q- So how do I set up my blog to take advantage of this referral power?

A-There are two methods. The first is to try and get as many links as possible leading to your blog. There are various methods of triggering offrepparttar 137643 process, including using articles. This isrepparttar 137644 slow method everybody is already using (with various variations of course) but withrepparttar 137645 competition between blogs you’ll need a lot of luck. According to a recent article in BusinessWeek, there are 9 million blogs out there with 40,000 new ones popping up daily.

Q- Andrepparttar 137646 second…

A- The second isrepparttar 137647 reason why we are having this interview. It is a simple technique where you combine articles (already written for you), with a special viral web site of your own. You simply register at this site and then putrepparttar 137648 link to your blog there. But before you do so, you will have to view other sites and get a code from each site to enter into your registration process. As a result you will be visiting other blogs and sites. The good news is that everybody who joins has to dorepparttar 137649 same. And it also means that by just getting 7 people to join who in turn get 7 people each, you will have 16,807 people on your fifth level and a total of 16,807 + 2,401 + 343 + 49 = 19,600!! Just by getting only 7 people to join.

Actually by using this method, you will not only be able to attract 16,807 visitors to your blog but within a very short time, your visitors will actually run into millions. It will depend on ho many people you get to registerrepparttar 137650 site. I deliberately usedrepparttar 137651 low figure of 16,807 in my headline because there is so much hype onrepparttar 137652 net using high figures these days and many of these hype peddlers have a special liking for figures that run into millions.

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