Getting Your Price On eBay While Keeping Your Fees Down

Written by Robbin K. Tungett

When you haverepparttar right item - something that has wide appeal and is in high demand - you can usually safely save on your eBay listing fees by simply using a low starting bid and letting multiple bidders runrepparttar 148271 price up. As long as there are five or six bidders, or more, you will more than likely get a final price that you are happy with.

Unfortunately, while this isrepparttar 148272 ideal scenario, for a large number of items in many categories, this just isn't alwaysrepparttar 148273 case. Many items on eBay have less than intense demand or they appeal to a very narrow niche. When this isrepparttar 148274 case, different listing techniques are needed.

Inrepparttar 148275 past, many sellers used a reserve to protect items. But, overrepparttar 148276 years reserve fees have significantly increased and using a reserve has lost it's appeal to many sellers. This means you must find different techniques to getrepparttar 148277 same results without paying exorbitant fees. Here are three different approaches you can take to accomplish this.

Use a high opening bid

This may seem like an obvious technique to replace a reserve bid, but actually it's not that appealing. If you have an item you feel you need to get $50 for, you can protect it with a $49.99 opening bid, but eBay is still going to charge you $1.20 for that protection.

High opening bids also have a way of discouraging bidding. The result will often be eitherrepparttar 148278 auction ends without any bids, or a bidder will sniperepparttar 148279 auction inrepparttar 148280 last seconds and buy your item for it's starting bid. Neither of these is a desirable outcome.

Listing in two categories with a low opening bid

True, listing in two categories will double your listing fees. But, if you keep your opening bid at $9.99 or lower your listing fees will still be only $.70.

5 Rules You Must Follow If You Are Going To Profitably Drop Ship On

Written by Robbin K. Tungett

At first glance, drop shipping on eBay looks like every beginner's dream. All you need to do is list a product on eBay, collectrepparttar money when it sells, and someone else does everything else. You don't have to purchase or store any inventory. There's no standing in line atrepparttar 148270 Post Office, no packing items, and no need to buy a camera or other photo equipment.

Sounds likerepparttar 148271 perfect business doesn't it? Unfortunately, nothing could be further fromrepparttar 148272 truth. In reality, for most people, drop shipping on eBay is almost a certain recipe for failure and 95% or more ofrepparttar 148273 sellers who try it will fail.

To give yourself any chance to succeed on eBay with this business model there are five rules you MUST follow:

1. You MUST locate a product that will sell in large enough quantities to allow you a chance to succeed. Finding a drop shipper who sells hand-woven wool blankets featuring Old Faithful erupting inrepparttar 148274 center doesn't mean anyone is going to buy one to place on their bed.

When considering drop shipping any product,repparttar 148275 first thing you must do is sufficient research to determine if there's a market for it. If you are going to be successful theremust be a good-sized active market for your item.

2. You MUST locate a product that provides a sufficient markup that allows you a reasonable profit. You are not going to be successful inrepparttar 148276 long term selling something that you only make a $10 or $20 profit from each item. With that kind of profit per item, it's just not reasonable to expect you can sell enough to attain long-term success.

3. Limit yourself to selling only a few related items that are all targeted atrepparttar 148277 same market. By limiting yourself like this you can decrease your costs, become more knowledgeable about your market than other sellers are, and inrepparttar 148278 long-term will make things more profitable.

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