Getting Your Family Involved In Your New Home Business - For Fun

Written by Henri Schauffler

Getting Your Family Involved In Your New Home Business - For Fun and Profit

Copyright 2003 by Henri G. Schauffler

Starting a home business is seldom easy and we need support from our loved ones.

Betweenrepparttar family, friends and neighbors there are a lot of people close to you that will want to know what you're doing. You probably have already found out that they're not always supportive!

Could you wait a minute, please? - My wife is telling me that I need to help with my 14 year old's homework. I'll be right back...

OK, thanks for waiting. Byrepparttar 117246 way - if we shut our families out - if we're so focused on this new business that we seem consumed by it - we're going to have lots of problems in our home. What's that you say? Getting consumed by your great new business hasn't happened to you yet? Just wait, my home business friend. At some point, you'll get so excited, so motivated, so focused - that you may forget about everything around you, including those whom you love.

Let's face it - our business is not more important than our family. So let's not act like it! Make sure that your family understands that they are more important than this business. And I mean all of your family - children, spouse, parents, siblings - everyone. They need to know that they are still number one in your life.

One good way to minimize difficulties in relationships with your family when starting a home business is to talk to all your significant family up-front, *before* you start your business. If you've already launched your new enterprise, it's never too late...

Start with your spouse or significant other. Sit down and explain what you're doing and why it is exciting to you; what your hopes, dreams and goals forrepparttar 117247 business are. When I started, I told my wife and loved ones very clearly, "My goal is to be making $500 dollars net profit we can spend byrepparttar 117248 end of 6 months, and $1,000 a month byrepparttar 117249 end ofrepparttar 117250 first year." (I started part time). "I'm really happy about this, and I need your support." And,repparttar 117251 Closing Question: "Wouldn't you like extra money inrepparttar 117252 budget, dear?"

That made it clear - I'm not off on some "get-rich-quick scheme," or one of Henri's "things," I've got a clear plan and I know what I'm doing. However you do it, make sure to get your significant other on board *first*.

Next - your younger children:

Your younger children are not really going to understand much about why you're doing this, what your goals are, etc. Instead, develop a routine with your younger children for meal times, naptimes, and play times. Work these times into your work schedule and adhere to them. If you fail to keep appointments with your children, your children will have less respect for your work and do more to prevent you fromrepparttar 117253 completion of your work.

The Top 10 Time Wasting Pursuits of Internet Marketers and How To Avoid Them

Written by Murray Hughes

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**Start of Article Part1**

The Top 10 Time Wasting Pursuits of Internet Marketers and How To Avoid Them

All of us get sucked into at least one useless marketing strategy or time wasting activity during our career. For many of us it is more than one…..and for me it was just about all of them! I have compiled a list ofrepparttar top 10 time wasting strategies and activities Internet marketers are guilty of and a tip on how to avoid each of them.

PART 1 Time Wasting Marketing Strategies

In today's article I focus onrepparttar 117245 top 5 time wasting and ineffective marketing strategies used by Internet marketers. I expect a few people will be down right peeved I'm revealing these secrets but I want to save you from doing what I did. Read on and see how many of these you do.

1. Submitting to FFA classifieds - (A.K.A. free for all classifieds) worked once but now there are hundreds of thousands of them. The idea is you post your classified ad free to attract visitors and/or sales. Unfortunately, nobody ever reads FFAs and each receives so many submissions that your ad gets pushed torepparttar 117246 bottom and then ofrepparttar 117247 page very fast. And every FFA you submit to will send you at least one email. Outcome: an inbox full of junk mail with no noticeably increase in sales, down line or traffic. Solution: don't do it. If you want to post free classified, find reputable ezines that accept free advertising.

2. Owning an FFA classified - some schemes promising to get you an avalanche of free traffic and leads offer to give you your very own FFA. Only this time you've been let in onrepparttar 117248 secret that no one reads FFAs but they are really just a ploy to collectrepparttar 117249 email addresses of advertisers. Unfortunately,repparttar 117250 people submittingrepparttar 117251 ads are told to use throw away email addresses, which meansrepparttar 117252 addresses you collect will be worthless anyway. Outcome: a long list of worthless email addresses. Solution: don't do it.

3. Submitting to FFA link farms - like FFA classifieds, FFA link farms worked once but not any more. The idea is they will provide a link to your site and if you link back to them or pay a fee they will give your link greater prominence. They were once a good way to increase link popularity in search engines but now search engines are wise to this strategy and will even penalize you if you link back to them. Outcome: maybe a better incoming link rating but don't reciprocaterepparttar 117253 link orrepparttar 117254 search engines will PUNISH you. Solution: don't do it or don't reciprocate if you do. If you really want links, contact webmasters of related sites individually and invite them to swap with you.

4. Safelists - for me these are yet another waste of time. The idea is you become a member of a website that allows you to send emails to other members. In return you agree to receive emails from them. You also haverepparttar 117255 option of paying for a "pro" membership, which allows you to send but not receive. You end up with an inbox jammed packed with junk mail (if you are like I was you may readrepparttar 117256 first one or two before deleting them all) and you waste your time writing and sending emails that no one ever reads. Outcome: an inbox full of junk mail. Solution: don't do it. If you want email addresses, start your own newsletter instead.

5. Auto Traffic Exchange - every new webmaster longs to see their hit counter tick over. Auto traffic exchanges give you one free hit to your website for every one or two websites, owned by someone else, that you view. Unlikerepparttar 117257 regular traffic exchanges that require you to stay in front ofrepparttar 117258 screen and click a button to viewrepparttar 117259 next site, auto exchanges automatically bringrepparttar 117260 next site onto your screen whether your in front of it or onrepparttar 117261 toilet. Most people will turn it on and then go to bed, watch TV or do something else. Outcome: a hit counter with heaps of hits but nothing else. Solution: don't do it. Try a click traffic exchange, there are plenty of them

In part 2 I will discussrepparttar 117262 top 5 time wasting activities (not marketing strategies) of Internet marketers. Read it and save another 250 hours of your valuable time.

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