Getting Your Emails Read

Written by Denise Ryder, Marketing Coach

One ofrepparttar most valuable marketing tools we have as eBusiness owners is email marketing. It isrepparttar 144122 "FOUNDATION" of our eBusiness. Think about that for a second...most people think that traffic isrepparttar 144123 foundation of your eBusiness....wrong!!

While yes traffic does have a role to play inrepparttar 144124 marketing of our business it isrepparttar 144125 email marketing aspect which carriesrepparttar 144126 ball for us and buildsrepparttar 144127 trust and rapport for us.

Or, I should say it should work at building trust and rapport, however if our email messages don't even make it torepparttar 144128 person who has requested it...well then "Houston we have a problem!"

We face essentially three challenges when it comes to email marketing, let's take a quickie look at them...

Challenge 1 - Spam Filters

Filters do a reasonably good job at deleting those unwanted emails, but there is stillrepparttar 144129 chance thatrepparttar 144130 legitimate email (like yours and mine that people have actually requested) end up not making it throughrepparttar 144131 spam filters :o(

There is no real set way of determining what is legit and what isn't. I mean lets face itrepparttar 144132 "list" of words that are onrepparttar 144133 hit list grows every even trying that approach is a daunting task.

Challenge 2 - Mass Deleting

Withinrepparttar 144134 control panel of my email box I have a little check box that I click which marks allrepparttar 144135 email in my inbox for delete. What I do then is quickly scroll downrepparttar 144136 list and I will uncheck an email that I have been expecting or one that I know I need to keep. After thatrepparttar 144137 rest are deleted. I am not alone in this little process of "mass deleting" we all tend to do that in one way or fashion. The thing is though that there are times when I have been scrolling quickly and end up deleting a message that I shouldn't have.

It's human error, it happens and unfortunately we runrepparttar 144138 risk of having our customers dorepparttar 144139 very same thing.

Challenge 3 - Competition

As much as we would love it, our email arriving in a customer or potential customers inbox isn'trepparttar 144140 only email they are getting. We are in competition with every piece of email that they receive...all of us are jockeying for our customers attention and asking to be read.

Competition is everywhere, you can't escape it.

Obviously there are business owners who see these challenges and decide that it is time to bail on email marketing altogether. I have actually had clients myself who have saidrepparttar 144141 very same thing to me. For real!!

If you are one of them, my answer to you isrepparttar 144142 same as I say to my other clients...DON'T DO IT!!!

I mean come on, where do you think we would be today if some of our greatest inventors decided to bail because something got a little tough??

Lets face it,repparttar 144143 internet is still in its infancy and yes there are going to be huge adjustments made as we go, but you just don't toss inrepparttar 144144 find ways to adapt torepparttar 144145 challenge.

So, with that said, lets look at a few things you can do to "adapt" torepparttar 144146 challenge and get those emails opened.

Adapt Idea #1 - Brand Your Messages

Branding your messages is a simple tactic that you can put into place immediately (if not sooner). Come up with a one or two word tagline that will immediately register inrepparttar 144147 mind of your customer, so that when they see it they will keep it.

Forums and newsletters use a brand allrepparttar 144148 time. If you look through your inbox you will immediately recognize a "brand." For example; HowTo, Ryze, ProfitSpace, DEMC, InnerCircle.

Email Marketing Systems to Help Boost Exposure and Profits...System #4 - Building Your Own Opt-In Mailing List...An Easy Way

Written by Denise Ryder, Marketing Coach

I am sure by now you have heard it said or read it somewhere thatrepparttar most valuable asset we have as eBusiness owner's is a LIST.

I totally agree that a list isrepparttar 144121 most valuable asset we have. I also believe inrepparttar 144122 fact that having "targeted" lists provides with you a stronger email marketing foundation.

What we are doing overrepparttar 144123 next 12 months is providing you with eMail Marketing Systems which you can put into place enabling you to building a central list and more targeted ones.

Why systems??

Look at some ofrepparttar 144124 more successful businesses today and you will see that they have in place systems. These make runningrepparttar 144125 business easier and of course ensures that anyone (employees) know exactly what to do and when. Take that concept torepparttar 144126 on-line arena and you can use systems that may take a bit to set up, but once they are they run on autopilot (the best ones, huh!!). Then of course there are those that need a bit more of your energy, but there are ways to make those easy as well.

The 4th system we are going to talk about today is one of "those" systems which needs a bit more involvement from you on a regular basis. BUT...the good news is thatrepparttar 144127 energy and time is not in vain. There are pay-offs ;o)

The "system" I am referring to is a Newsletter.

Ok, ok, I can hear a few groans and a few of you are even sucking in your breath atrepparttar 144128 mere thought of having to do a newsletter. For some you were even hoping that you could get by without even having to incorporate one into your email marketing plan.

I feel for you, I really do :o(

When you think about allrepparttar 144129 time it takes to put a newsletter together it does seem like a daunting task. However, there are ways around that.

First, let's go over WHY you should incorporate a newsletter.

1. A newsletter serves as your main list. The one that people can subscribe to after they have taken your 7-Day eCourse, or read your eBook or eReport. Once people have been through your eCourse they need to go somewhere...some will drop off and not subscribe, however, a newsletter in place gives themrepparttar 144130 option and gives you yet another opportunity to build trust and rapport with them.

2. A newsletter enables you to build relationships. You know that people are more apt to follow recommendations and buy from those they know, like and trust. Through corresponding via a newsletter on a regular basis, that trust is being strengthened. You are building a relationship with your subscribers.

3. A newsletter enables YOU to build a reputation. The quality ofrepparttar 144131 newsletter you send out and of courserepparttar 144132 number you send out on a regular basis, builds a reputation for you and your eBusiness. For a good, solid reputation then of course that means thatrepparttar 144133 information you provide is relative to your market and is something that they can readily use.

4. A newsletter enables you to leverage. With a newsletter in place you openrepparttar 144134 door for a great many business alliances with others. A list enables you to take advantage of Joint Ventures and leverage your marketing efforts through other lists.

Ok, four solid reasons forrepparttar 144135 "WHY" you need a newsletter. Now, I mentioned above that a newsletter doesn't have to be as labour intensive. MUST REMEMBER thatrepparttar 144136 key to a good, solid newsletter that builds uponrepparttar 144137 4 reasons above is...


If your content isn't useful...if it is just fluff then you will find that people will unsubscribe and find a newsletter that will give them what they are looking for.

The good news is that content is EVERYWHERE!! There are article databases that can provide you withrepparttar 144138 content, just make sure that you are not using an article that everyone else and their dog (hmm, smart dog) is using. The best way aroundrepparttar 144139 saturation issue is to write your own articles...I know, I know, one step at a time ;o)

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