Getting Visitors To Stay Through Web Based Marketing

Written by Martin Lemieux

Getting Visitors To Stay Through Web Based Marketing By: Martin Lemieux

9/10 times your web site visitors won't stay for more than 15 seconds. This is how you get them to stay, or should I say, get them to come back!

For most of you, your web site is a great brochure. It probably outlines your services very well. There's nothing wrong with that what-so-ever!


There are creative marketing strategies that you can implement so that you don't entirely loose your clients, you just need to keep them inrepparttar loop for whenrepparttar 128287 time comes for them to buy.

"Marketing Online - Is about creative patience"

Being creative with your web marketing ventures is crucial but it doesn't necessarily react like print magazine ads or like newspaper press releases. No, it takes time for something to kick into full force.

This is why you should always keep on top of creating something new because, just like regular marketing, if you don't have another campaign ready to go when your done this one, you'll start to loose prospects onrepparttar 128288 way and create a slow period for your business.

You want your world online to consistently grow. Don't grow too quickly, just grow and keep growing with all your marketing efforts.

Is your website’s link directory even worth having?

Written by Derek Arnold

A reciprocal link directory if a vital part of having a good Google page rank. However there are ways to make it a useful and important part of your website for reasons other than a high ranking inrepparttar Google directory.

Let’s face it, getting (and keeping) a good Google page rank is no easy task and requires constant attention. Not just in getting reciprocal links, but honing your Meta tags, and keeping your content fresh. But we are here to discuss only one part ofrepparttar 128286 pagerank dilemma. In fact this article will focus more on other, and in some cases, more important benefits of a proper links directory.

Directory Structure

•Categorize your directory well- Meaningrepparttar 128287 more categories you haverepparttar 128288 better organized your directory is. More categories means your visitors can locate particular links a lot faster. •Minimizerepparttar 128289 depth of your categories- You should not make your directory more than three category levels deep, for instance if you are a travel site and have a category for Jamaica, thenrepparttar 128290 structure example would be Travel>>Caribbean>>Jamaica. Easy navigation for your site visitors isrepparttar 128291 main reason for this. •Reason two for minimizing your directory depth- Search engines will spider each page of your website, they will determinerepparttar 128292 pagerank of each page based on its content, and distance away from your homepage. Use this as a rule of thumb; each level down from your homepage will cost that page “one” pagerank point. Usingrepparttar 128293 example above, this is what is meant here, Travel>>Caribbean>>Jamaica:repparttar 128294 Travel” page would haverepparttar 128295 highest pagerank being closest to your homepage, let’s say it has been give a Google rank of 4,repparttar 128296 next level “Caribbean” in all likelihood would have a rank of 3, and so on. •No more than 20 links per page- There is not a link partner inrepparttar 128297 world that wants his/her site to be on your link page as link number 100. I would rather be link number 3 on page number three than link number 100 on page one. This is clutter, and useless to all involved, you, your link partner and especially your site visitor. Keep this in mind as well, whenrepparttar 128298 search engines spider your site they will also notice more pages on your site thus determining that you offer more content. Your link partners will also appreciate it.

Relevant Links

•Do your visitors really care if you own a travel site and have links to recipe sites? Of course not. Although locating good quality link partners for your site will take more time, it will be well worth it inrepparttar 128299 long run. If you have a travel site, seek out rental cars, vacation spots, travel accessories, andrepparttar 128300 like. Your visitors are on your site because they (at that moment in time) are interested in what your site has to offer, do not changerepparttar 128301 visitor’s train of thought into anything other than what you want them to think about, in this example, traveling and things associated with traveling.

Make Money from your links?

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