Getting Unlimited Traffic From Search Engines

Written by Kusuma Widjaja

Search engines have become so intimidating lately - most people think that search engines are just out to get them - everyone's becoming afraid... They also think that getting #1 rankings is near impossible.

Yes, if you're trying to trick search engines, THEN - they're out to get you - BIG TIME.

BUT, if you're willing to work with them and help them, then they can seriously be your business's best friend.

Here's how:

---------------------------------------- Writing Articles for Search Engines ----------------------------------------

Actually, you're writing articles for TWO people.

1. Search Engines 2. Your Potential Customers

. Why for Search Engines?

Because search engines love content, and it's that very content that let's you invite traffic from search engines.

These articles help you optimize your website for search engine rankings (more on this in a bit).

. Why for Potential Customers?

Because these articles are what your prospects are looking for on search engines - they land on that page, findrepparttar information they need and then see your "recommendation" - aka affiliate link and they click, click BUY.

So, your articles eventually lead to sales and commission for you.

So once again,repparttar 128252 purpose of articles:

. Provide content/information for: . Search Engines . Potential customers . Promoting traffic to your affiliate program

---------------------------------------- Optimizing your Articles with Keywords ----------------------------------------

We don't want to make your head spin here, so we'll try to keep this AS simple as possible.

There are certain places you want to insert your keywords when building an article webpage.

Here they are:

. The title ofrepparttar 128253 page . The Description META Tag . The Keyword META Tag . In your Headline, use HTML Tag < h1 >< /h1 > . Your first line of text . Once or twice per paragraph . Once/Twice in bold . Inrepparttar 128254 text of a link

Some other tips:

. In your graphics - use keyword in HTML ALT tag . Use a secondary keyword also - a few times

Some Cautions:

. Don't Overkill - repeating your keyword an obsense number of times will not help you at all - it will hurt you. . Never hide keywords - never. . Nothing tricky - if it's tricky, don't do it. . Don't have a LONG keyword META tag

The above is how most search engines determine how relevant your webpage is to a specific keyword.

This is NOTrepparttar 128255 only element involved in search engine optimization, however, it's onerepparttar 128256 most important. The next strategy we're going to discuss is also critical - for Google, especially.

The hottest tip on getting a web site listed quickly by Yahoo, Inktomi, MSN, FAST, Altavista and HotBot

Written by Anne-Marie Killer

Every webmaster knows thatrepparttar free search engines are a major source of traffic.

They also know that applying allrepparttar 128251 SEO techniques inrepparttar 128252 world will not in itself get their web pages spidered, indexed and listed. Yes, sure, a "perfect" page, once indexed and listed will surely rank high for its keywords but unless it is found byrepparttar 128253 spiders, it is pretty useless.

It is no secret thatrepparttar 128254 process of a web page being found byrepparttar 128255 spiders can be helped by placing links to that web site on other web sites (e.g. by doing a links exchange with other web sites, by putting one's URL in one's signature file when posting on a forum, by writing and submitting articles for free distribution and placing one's URL inrepparttar 128256 author's resource block etc.) All of this will surely work but it can take months before anything happens. The webmaster has no option but to be patient and wait...and wait...and wait.

Now there is something very easy and very effective one can do to speed up this process. Actually, using this method, will get a web page indexed and listed in less than 48 hours. Andrepparttar 128257 whole process is controlled byrepparttar 128258 webmaster. It is easy, fast in terms of setting it all up and what's more it is free!

Here is what one does:

  • Go to and sign up for a new account (free - they even hostrepparttar 128259 blog on their server at no cost)
  • Give your blog a name - make a note of this for later use.
  • Navigate to 'Settings' and then choose 'Site Feed'
  • Check thatrepparttar 128260 'Publish Site Feed' option is set to 'Yes'
  • Copyrepparttar 128261 'Site Feed URL' torepparttar 128262 clip board (you can paste is some where .. you're going to use it when you've set up your account)
  • Save your changes
  • Navigate to 'Posting' and create your first entry.
  • What should you write? Anything, actually - your words do not make that much of a difference. What is important is that you addrepparttar 128263 URL of each page you want listed torepparttar 128264 blog. Remember to add them as live links (to enable allrepparttar 128265 spiders to follow them!)

    Mmm, you don't know how to do a live link? Here is an example. Just copyrepparttar 128266 HTML code

    <a href="" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">link to Perfect Party Ideas</a>

    Replacerepparttar 128267 URL with your URL andrepparttar 128268 description ("link to Perfect Party Ideas" with your own.

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