Getting The Most From Traffic Exchanges

Written by Brian Pratt

If you are a new to web site promotion or an experienced campaigner, you should include Traffic Exchanges as part of your marketing plan.

When you join a Traffic Exchange you agree to surf other peoples pages and in return, they will surf yours.

Traffic exchanges have been around for a while now, withrepparttar largest ones numbering subscribers inrepparttar 145097 tens of thousands. So submitting your webpage to a Traffic Exchange will potentially give it exposure to a large number of people.

There are basically two types of exchanges, manual surf and auto surf. Withrepparttar 145098 manual surf exchange you click through websites. The Autosurf site presents pages to you automatically withoutrepparttar 145099 need to click.

Some ofrepparttar 145100 advantages of Traffic Exchanges are as follows:

1. A cheap and often free method of sending traffic to your website. This can help with your page rank

2. The traffic you generate arrives almost instantly

3. Some exchanges allowrepparttar 145101 surfer to choose an ad which is associated with pages they view. This is a good way of testing your copy before you spend money placing it inrepparttar 145102 outside world.

4. Most traffic exchanges allow you to build a down line by referring others to them. You usually get credit for their activity, and over time your traffic becomes almost solely generated byrepparttar 145103 efforts of others.

5. You will be exposed to a lot of products and services you wouldn’t normally see, which means you will have a better appreciation of your market and you will pick up some good ideas about promoting your product.

There are some downsides too:

The people surfing these programs are mainly interested in promoting their own page – not looking at yours. This means that you will need to generate a lot more hits for each sale.

When you start out you can spend long hours generating traffic from your own surfing.

Here are some suggestions for gettingrepparttar 145104 most out of Traffic Exchanges:

7 Easy Tips On How To Improve Your Website Sales Letter Instantly

Written by Evelyn Lim

Would you like to get more sales from your online sales letter? Here are 7 easy tips that you can improve on your ad copy instantly and generate more revenue:

1. Have a Strong Call to Action. Decide what is it that you want your prospect to do when reading your sales letter. Are you asking your prospect to subscribe to your mailing list? Or is it to make a purchase? Lead your prospect torepparttar conclusion you want by making your offer sound really attractive (eg. give valuable bonuses) and making it easy for him or her to take action.

2. Get help in spotting Errors. It’s tough to have a 100 percent perfect ad copy. Solve this problem by giving a reward to your readers who spot more than five errors in your ad copy. Alternatively, ask your personal friends to help you to check for errors and buy them lunch!

3. Give a percentage of your sales to a charity. Mention this in your ad copy. This is a good strategy because your company gives back to society plus it also “propels” your prospect to act charitably (and hence make a purchase).

4. Include a good, solid guarantee or x-days-money-back period in your offer. In all respects, you are likely to improve your website sales conversion if you offer a lifetime guarantee.

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