Getting Started in an Affiliate Program

Written by Brenda Pagel

I got started with affiliate programs because I am really tired of working for companies to help them profit.

I didn’t feel I was getting anywhere working for companies (verses for ME). Most of us go to work day in and day out, like little robots, just to help a company grow. But a lot of times we don’t haverepparttar opportunity to grow with it.

Sure, you might grow with a company and even go on to become quite an asset forrepparttar 102433 company. But that also means you probably have to work longer hours andrepparttar 102434 job gets more stressful. And those long, stressful hours are being spent away from home.

Increase Sum in Your Check Account with Follow-Ups

Written by Janice Chiang

We’ll be examining what makes follow up to prospects/customers so important on our online world today.

Are you familiar with this scenario?

- Joined an affiliate program with good pay-out.

- Send an email to everyone you know and/or send an email to a list of people - Didn’t make any sales

- Change to another affiliate program

Well, I am.

This never ending cycle is what I used to do.

Until I stumble across a training article from Six-Figure Income Marketing Group – “The Fortune is inrepparttar Follow-Up!” I wake up.

I was clearly informed of this statistics:

The average sale is closed as follows:

* 2% on 1st contact * 3% on 2nd contact * 5% on 3rd contact * 10% on 4th contact * 80% on 5th-12th contact

-- The National Sales Executive Association

I then think: if follow up is so important what information can I give to my prospects?

The answer is easier then I thought it could be...

That is, I can get plenty of informative articles and e-books fromrepparttar 102432 affiliate programs that I've joined.

Gathering allrepparttar 102433 articles and e-books I can utilize from all my affiliate program isrepparttar 102434 next step I took in forming my own follow-ups.

What I need now is a good autoresponder that can dorepparttar 102435 work for me 24/7.

Throughout my research I found that a free autoresponder is good for short term follow-ups (approx. 20 emails).

If you want to use a free autoresponder be sure to find one that is third-party ads free! You don't want your competitor's ads showing up and get allrepparttar 102436 customers from you!

I often use free autoresponder for short term training courses when prospects joined under me.

I then use a paid autoresponder to organize a long term email campaign!

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