Getting Ready to Sell Your Property

Written by Motiva Group

We all have hadrepparttar experience of someone important coming torepparttar 138836 house and whetherrepparttar 138837 visitor is an in-law, an old friend, or business associate you knowrepparttar 138838 drill: Haverepparttar 138839 house in "show" condition.

For investorsrepparttar 138840 situation is muchrepparttar 138841 same: First impressions count!!!! Even though you may not be able to tell a book by its cover, you'll probably pay more for a book ifrepparttar 138842 cover is inviting, and attractive.

If you have a home is for sale or soon to be for sale, in addition to a general cleaning here are some steps you can take to benefit from that all-important first look:

1. Start withrepparttar 138843 outside. Mowrepparttar 138844 law, prune bushes, remove dead branches and get rid of outdoor furniture you don't intend to move.

2. Paintrepparttar 138845 front door and window frames, or at least clean them up.

3. Check for leaks. A drip may not seem important, but does it suggest poor maintenance in those places that mayberepparttar 138846 buyer can't see? Eliminate buyer worries and fixrepparttar 138847 little items which may be seen as clues relating torepparttar 138848 general condition and upkeep ofrepparttar 138849 house.

4. Clean out closets and storage areas. Paint them off-white inside to make them seem roomier.

5. Have a professional cleaning company cleanrepparttar 138850 carpets. I would suggest this only if you are not replacingrepparttar 138851 carpets.

A Bag of Ice is a Bar of Gold: Assessing True Value in an Online Business

Written by David Moore

I was privileged to assist in relief efforts duringrepparttar hurricane season in Florida last summer. There was no pecking order for those who stood in line for hours at our distribution site. They came from every economic strata, and they stood in line and waited patiently. The reactions, however, were similar, when they were finally handed a bag of ice and a case of bottled water. One relief worker stated it aptly. “You give someone a bag of ice and from their reaction you’d think you had given them a bar of gold.”

Why do I tell this story? Because it illustratesrepparttar 138797 point that perspective is everything. This is so even in designing and implementing an online business. If you give someone something they highly value at a particular moment of need it is as if you are handing them a bar of gold.

Those who are most successful in this business are those who genuinely care about others. They don’t offer people a product or service forrepparttar 138798 sole purpose of earning income. They see income asrepparttar 138799 residual, but they see helping other people solve their own financial problems asrepparttar 138800 outcome through which they deriverepparttar 138801 most satisfaction and good feeling.

Don’t misunderstand. I’m not suggesting that everyone who makes a lot of money is driven by generosity and contributing to helping meetrepparttar 138802 needs of others. What I am suggesting to you is that those withrepparttar 138803 greatest long-term income generating success, whether it be an online business or not, think a lot about how their own success is helping other people, and because of this they spend more money investing in people than they do investing in technology.

William Pollard, chairman and CEO of ServiceMaster, said it this way. “They work at making themselves available. They are givers rather than takers. They know that their results will be measured beyond their workplace, and thatrepparttar 138804 real story (to their success) will be told inrepparttar 138805 changed lives of others.”

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