Getting Ready for a Media Interview

Written by June Campbell

If you're in business, especially if you are doing business onrepparttar Internet,repparttar 124496 day will come when you are invited to do a media interview. Perhaps someone has read your online articles and is impressed, or perhaps your local newspaper or television station is profiling interesting Internet entrepreneurs in their community. Whateverrepparttar 124497 reason, you are being given an excellent opportunity to promote your business. To getrepparttar 124498 most mileage from your interview, considerrepparttar 124499 following tips:

1. Beforerepparttar 124500 interview, practice your answers torepparttar 124501 typical questions of Who, What, Where, When, Why and How. That is, be prepared to state your name, your business, where you are located, what you do, when you started, why you started your business, and how you do things. Prepare and practice so your statements will flow smoothly.

2. Beforerepparttar 124502 interview takes place, considerrepparttar 124503 main message that you wantrepparttar 124504 audience to receive. Make a list of three major points, and practice saying these three points to yourself until you can speak them smoothly and confidently, without stumbling.

3. Duringrepparttar 124505 interview, try to include these three main points as much as possible. Your interview is likely to be edited prior to publishing or broadcasting. By repeating your main points, you reducerepparttar 124506 possibility that your preferred message will be edited out.

4. Be prepared to tell brief anecdotes and short stories. Think of a time when you solved a problem for a customer, or relate a success story or two. Find a way to mix one or more of your three main marketing messages into each anecdote.

5. Use humor with caution. If you are telling a humorous anecdote, be sure that "the joke is on yourself" and explain what you learned fromrepparttar 124507 experience. Avoid giving peoplerepparttar 124508 idea that you laugh at your customers behind their backs.

Use The Media To Make Your Personality Famous

Written by Kevin Nunley

The media and public love certain kinds of personalities. Although few of us really have those personalities, all of us can cultivaterepparttar public image that we have one of them.

This can make you a favorite ofrepparttar 124495 public and a darling ofrepparttar 124496 media. I don't have to tell you how good that can be for your sales.

Here are some examples of personality typesrepparttar 124497 public jumps for:

The Expert People Can Talk To. Everyone wants to have their problems solved by an expert. Write articles, get interviewed on talk radio, put your expert tips on your site. Then invite everyone to call your expert line or send an email.

The Techno Whiz Kid. Everyone knows computers and techno gadgets can make life easier and earn lots of money. Yet most of us are still a bit befuddled by computers and know little about how most technology works. If electronics, programming, or even using technology is one of your strengths, stress it torepparttar 124498 media and public.

The Pioneer. If you arerepparttar 124499 first to do something, make sure you publicize it.

Your personality can have a lot to do with how much you sell, but your profession can as well. Consider this- most teachers have an incredible network of people they know in all walks of life and business. When you spend a semester working withrepparttar 124500 same 30 people each week, you get to know all about them andrepparttar 124501 industries they work in.

Many people who teach findrepparttar 124502 experience enriches their business. Some find a consulting business automatically grows out of it.

Teaching a class is a fine way to become known throughoutrepparttar 124503 community for your knowledge and skill.

Most colleges and universities hire part-time teachers. You can teach an evening class about almost any subject. Many timesrepparttar 124504 only requirement for teaching a community enrichment course is you have experience inrepparttar 124505 subject you are teaching.

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