Getting Pumped!

Written by Mary Wilkey

"Hype, hype, hype, and more hype," I thought as I found a seat at this weekend's motivational seminar. "It makes my backside tired." Not being a "morning person" anyway, I was still groggy from having forced myself to roll out forrepparttar fifty-mile trip on a dreary, rainy, foggy morning. To make matters worse, I'd overslept and gotten lost en route torepparttar 124058 Radisson Hotel atrepparttar 124059 Cincinnati Airport.

"How inrepparttar 124060 world does anyone get this pumped this early inrepparttar 124061 morning?" wasrepparttar 124062 only thing rolling around in my sluggish brain. I found myself a cup of liquid energy and waited for "something" to kick in. It took a little while, but it really is just about impossible to sit in a room full of happy, enthused, smiling, jacked up people and remain lethargic for very long. I guess that's what it's all about, after all.

Thenrepparttar 124063 success stories began to filter into my brain and break my preoccupation barrier, and gradually, by degrees,repparttar 124064 inflation process began. Enthusiasm began to rear its energetic head, and adrenalin began to rush through this sixty-year old body. Sometime before noon I had become infected withrepparttar 124065 spirit of it all, and byrepparttar 124066 timerepparttar 124067 meeting was over, I had been electrified—super-charged.

Called hubby onrepparttar 124068 way home and decided we would eat out. My husband, I discovered, had been electrified himself—he's naturally bubbly anyway—we reinforced each other, pumping away all throughrepparttar 124069 meal, and we hardly noticedrepparttar 124070 food we ate.

We had to part for a short while to tend to other business, and around ten o'clock we decided to watch a couple of short videos on a new opportunity. And after that we put inrepparttar 124071 long video we'd been given, called "Time to Soar."

Wow! We couldn't turn it off, and by this time it was well after 1:30 inrepparttar 124072 morning. We just kept watching it—four riveting speakers—one after another. And no hype! It was pure meat, and we ate it all up! And then we stayed up until after five o'clock talking about it!

M.B.A. - The Three Factors of Success

Written by Anita Foley

You will often hear it said that things come in 3’s. My Grandma used to say, “Good news, bad news, and blind mice all come in 3’s.” Well, she was right, and, overrepparttar years, I have discoveredrepparttar 124057 3 most important things needed to be successful.

I’ve found that Motivation, Belief, and Action (M.B.A.) are three factors that go hand-in-hand and are all needed to succeed with anything you do in life, including doing business online. To accomplish anything, you must not only be Motivated by your dream, but you must Believe you can accomplish it, and then you must Act.

Motivation begins with a dream or a desire. It may be for better working conditions, more money, a better house in a better neighborhood, a desire to travel and seerepparttar 124058 world, play a musical instrument, learn a foreign language, prepare a fabulous feast, or whatever else your imagination can conjure up. Motivation is usually accompanied by enthusiasm. It sets your blood tingling, puts that fervent look in your eye and a smile on your face.

The old saying, “whenrepparttar 124059 student is ready,repparttar 124060 teacher appears” is often true when keen motivation is present. You suddenly become aware of things you were not aware of before. It seems everything you need is made available to you. Opportunity knocks, so to speak. When you are motivated, your enthusiasm leads to passion. You become passionate about your dream, and you can think of nothing else. That is what leads torepparttar 124061 second factor - Belief.

When you are passionate about your dream, you feel a strong belief in your heart that you will accomplish it. There exists a “knowing” that cannot be explained – you just know you will succeed. No one will be able to tell you otherwise. They may even think you’re a little looney. This is a good indication that you’re onrepparttar 124062 right track.

When I think about this level of belief, I am reminded ofrepparttar 124063 time I interviewed for a job for which I had no background or experience. I was motivated byrepparttar 124064 fact that I needed to make more money and I hatedrepparttar 124065 job I was doing atrepparttar 124066 time. I really wantedrepparttar 124067 job and believed that I could do it and that I’d be good at it. Onrepparttar 124068 interview, I portrayed such passion aboutrepparttar 124069 position and my deep desire to dorepparttar 124070 work that I was hired onrepparttar 124071 spot. I “believed” my way into it.

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