"Getting Published - Your Article Submission Checklist"

Written by Azam Corry

Follow these important guidelines to increaserepparttar odds of having your article published.

* Thoroughly Check Spelling And Grammar

Even with electronic spell checkers, this is still a killer. Be especially careful with words that sound alike but have different meanings (homophones). Should that be "there" or "their"? "Your" or "you're"?

Another trouble spot isrepparttar 124320 apostrophe ('). An apostrophe should be used to indicate possession (John's car), dropped letters (don't) and characters/words mentioned as themselves (ID's). And remember, "it's" means "it is."

* Don't Write In Long, Dense Paragraphs

Long, unbroken runs of text are visually unappealing, and act as a subconscious block to reading (looks like too much hard work). People are in a hurry, so information needs to be presented in a way they can scan for points of interest.

* Don't Ramble Or Use Wordy Sentences

Providing great information is not enough. People read to learn, but also seek excitement. Instant gratification. They lackrepparttar 124321 time to be patient, so stick torepparttar 124322 point.

When you've finished writing, start deleting. Cut unnecessary sentences. Look for superfluous 'filler' words and repetitions. Delete them. Add more punch and drive by killing adjectives.

* Don't Employ Gratuitous Self Promotion

There's no greater turn-off than an article that proclaimsrepparttar 124323 author or their product wonderful. People want to discover your qualities for themselves. Your article isrepparttar 124324 medium.

If you want to sell yourself; display your knowledge, innovative thinking, character. To promote a product, talk about a common problem or need, educate, perhaps tell a story. Provide interesting information. Only mentionrepparttar 124325 product subtly, or not at all, leaving it for your by-line.

* Don't Over-indulge On Your Resource Box

It's generally accepted that your resource box, or "Aboutrepparttar 124326 author" by-line should be no more than 6 lines in length. Many publishers will object to anything longer, and unless your article is particularly exceptional, they'll bin it.

Use a List-server to Distribute Your Newsletter

Written by By Stephen Bucaro

Reprintable Article: Permission is granted forrepparttar following article to forward, reprint, distribute, use for ezine, newsletter, website, offer as free bonus or part of a product for sale as long as no changes are made andrepparttar 124319 byline, copyright, and resource box is included. ---------------------------------------------------------- Use a List-server to Distribute Your Newsletter

By Stephen Bucaro

If you publish an e-newsletter or e-zine, you know that administering your subscriber list is a big chore. To maintainrepparttar 124320 list, you may be using an email program on your computer or a CGI program on your server. One advantage to maintainingrepparttar 124321 list yourself is that you know it is not being shared by anyone else.

However, there are four good reasons why you should host your list on a list-server.

1. People can subscribe or unsubscribe from your list automatically with absolutely no work by you.

2. People often subscribe with an email alias or forwarded email account. You send your newsletter to one address, then receive a delivery failure or unsubscribe from an address not on your list. You can’t delete it from your list.

3. People subscribe torepparttar 124322 list and then forget that they subscribed. They accuse you of spamming. This can’t be avoided entirely, but if your list is hosted on a list-server, you can respond by saying “all subscribes and unsubscribes are handled automatically byrepparttar 124323 list server, you have no control of it.”

4. If you plan to sell advertising in your newsletter, most advertisers and advertisement networks will require you to verify your subscriber count. If you maintainrepparttar 124324 list yourself,repparttar 124325 only way you can do that is to share your list with them. You don’t want to do that.

If your list is hosted on a list-server,repparttar 124326 number of subscribers is there for all to see, provided by an independent third party.

Choosing a List-server

Many list-servers disappeared inrepparttar 124327 ".com" bust. The best one, listbot, was bought by Microsoft. It is now called bCentral and costs $30.00 per month. Being a list owner, it is your responsibility to keep your list private. Withrepparttar 124328 well publicized ethical problems at Microsoft, I would not put my subscriber list in their hands.

Most ofrepparttar 124329 lists ended up on Yahoo. They are inrepparttar 124330 domain http://groups.yahoo.com. I find yahoo groups very complicated to configure. I also worry about Yahoo’s privacy policy. Yahoo Group Help states, “If you use Groups, it is very likely that other users will be able to see your email address.”

http://www.topica.com hasrepparttar 124331 easiest to setup list-server. However, it is primarily a group mailing list application that must be configured correctly to performrepparttar 124332 newsletter list function. Topica’s privacy policy states, “The email addresses of participants are partially obscured so they are not obtainable by unauthorized visitors.”

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