Getting Out of Your Body's Way

Written by John Cali

Getting Out of Your Body’s Way John Cali

As you may recall, we recently published two newsletters on physical health and well- being. In response to those articles, one of our good friends sent usrepparttar following comments:

“. . . if you’re open to a follow-up question withrepparttar 122175 body theme, maybe (you could ask) Chief Joseph HOW one gets out of one’s body’s way. I mean, I know that all (Joseph) talks about is absolutely and totally true. But it’s kind of hard to ignore something that is ALWAYS with you (and being aware of) its moment-by-moment state.”

Chief Joseph

How do you get out of your body’s way? An excellent question!

As our reader wrote in her letter, it’s sometimes a daunting task to stay neutral when you are always inrepparttar 122176 middle ofrepparttar 122177 situation you’re wanting to stay neutral about.

Your body is always with you. Wherever you go, there it is. You cannot escape it! It’s a fact of your life.

The only way to escape your body, obviously, is to die. But we don’t want you to die until you’re good and ready to go.

So, friends, we seem to have a dilemma, don’t we?

But, really, this is not a dilemma at all.

Let’s take a look at one ordinary day in your lives. Inrepparttar 122178 course of that day, you encounter all sorts of situations and information you may not resonate with. Perhaps even situations and information you start feeling depressed about. Especially if you linger too long inrepparttar 122179 negative feelings.

For example, your mainstream news media. We are not advising you to avoid your news media entirely. But it would behoove you to limit your diet, if you will, of allrepparttar 122180 “bad” news your media love to report.

So, yes, we would urge you to nurture a genuine concern and compassion for your sisters and brothers throughoutrepparttar 122181 planet who are suffering. And we would urge you to assist them in whatever ways you feel drawn to do.

But, in that process of helping others, it’s absolutely essential for you to stay peaceful and centered in your alignment with your higher self. To even feel a sense of deep joy inrepparttar 122182 midst ofrepparttar 122183 suffering others around you are experiencing.

You are no good to anyone if you walk into their pain with them. You are of use to them only when you come to them in their pain from your own higher place of peace and joy. You do not uplift others by feeling their pain. You uplift others by feeling your joy.

Joy Is the Key To All You Wish For

Written by John Cali

In response to our last newsletter article (, one of our good friends wrote us about some health problems she’d been having. She was pleasantly surprised at how easy and how much fun it was to heal herself.

Here’s her letter. Following that is Joseph’s response.

Hi John,

Hope you are staying warm. Thank you forrepparttar (last newsletter) article! I can totally relate to it.

I was talking with a friend this morning about my experience in healing my physical challenge. I then read your article which confirmed everything I had talked to her about onrepparttar 122174 phone this morning. How uncanny!

I have been experiencing heart problems for a while now. Of course, I have been focusing on (them) and feeling anxious about it. Last Friday . . . a friend popped by. She . . . invited me to watch a flamenco show at a restaurant. I gladly took her up on this spontaneous invitation.

(At) a table beside us (there were) 12 people . . . laughing, dancing and having a great time! Their vibration was very uplifting and helped to create a shift for (me). My heart pain and headache went away!

I soon realized that I needed more joy in my life. I had an imbalance which createdrepparttar 122175 dis-ease in my body.

The next day some friends came by unexpectedly. (The boyfriend of one of) my girlfriends had a sore foot . . . and I . . . told him I could do some reiki on his foot.

All of us got lost in conversation and laughter. I (hadn't done) reiki on his foot yet when they were ready to leave . . . (but) he said his foot was fine and he asked me (what I did).

I realized then that when I experienced a shift in my vibrationrepparttar 122176 night before atrepparttar 122177 restaurant, my vibration of joy elevated his vibration to heal.

I found myself learning to feel worthy of having more joy in my life. (Also), when feeling more joy in my life, I (find) my financial prosperity increasing.

As a lightworker, I don't have to go out there healing others. I am finding that it is giving to ourselves first which then creates a ripple effect for others. I read in a book that most people who are inrepparttar 122178 healing field are doing it because they are avoiding their own pain and are not allowing their own emotional needs to be met. That struck a chord with me -- learning to meet my emotional needs. I knew what I didn't want but never really allowed myself to think of what I do want and allowing that to manifest in my life.

Chief Joseph

We have spoken of joy many times overrepparttar 122179 years we’ve been working with John. Joy is a central theme in everything we talk about. Joy isrepparttar 122180 center of our work, andrepparttar 122181 center of your being.

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