Getting Organized For The New Year - Part 2

Written by Chuck and Sue DeFiore

In part 1, we discussed a system you could use to organize your office. In this article we will discuss what material is needed to implement that system.

You will needrepparttar following items for your office system. Calendar/Daily Planner; Accordion File (1-31); Manila Files withrepparttar 117689 Months ofrepparttar 117690 Year (Or you can make them up yourself - a lot less expensive); Hanging Files; Manila Files; Boxes and Envelopes (9 x 12).

The calendar/daily planner will contain all appointments, meetings and deadlines for project.

The accordion file dated 1-31, along withrepparttar 117691 Manila Files withrepparttar 117692 Months ofrepparttar 117693 Year will contain materials you have tickled. The tickler file is a very popular system in legal offices. Any materials you need to act on by a certain date are tickled, usually one week in advance. It is also used for standardized meetings. For example, if staff meetings are conducted on Friday, place a Manila folder entitled Staff meeting inrepparttar 117694 Friday slot, and place any agenda items or meeting items inrepparttar 117695 folder. Remember to tickle it forrepparttar 117696 day beforerepparttar 117697 meeting, if you need to make uprepparttar 117698 agenda, or give agenda items to someone else. This system is also excellent for gathering information for client meetings. This system will also serve to give you a clean desk, as you can place To Do items forrepparttar 117699 next day in your tickle file. It is also used to put in notes to yourself to follow up on certain items.

The hanging and manila folders are for your files. Boxes are for your records and files to be stored in atrepparttar 117700 end ofrepparttar 117701 year.

The 9 x 12 Envelopes are used to hold your receipts, canceled checks, expenses and income sheets. You should label one envelope Income and place your income sheet inrepparttar 117702 file and note when any checks come in. Label one other envelope as Expenses and put in it all receipts for purchases, canceled checks, and any other expenses you generate. Atrepparttar 117703 end ofrepparttar 117704 month tally uprepparttar 117705 monthly totals. I placerepparttar 117706 month onrepparttar 117707 envelope and separate my expenses into categories, such as supplies, telephone, utilities, copying, postage, etc., putrepparttar 117708 total cost next torepparttar 117709 category and then a final total. Atrepparttar 117710 end of each month's tally, paper clip or staple that month's receipts together, place them back inrepparttar 117711 envelope and file forrepparttar 117712 following month. Since most self employed individuals pay estimated taxes every 3 month period,repparttar 117713 envelopes will have 3 months on them, for example, October, November, December. Remember bundle each month's items separately. Sealrepparttar 117714 envelopes, file them, and then you are ready to calculaterepparttar 117715 amount to payrepparttar 117716 IRS forrepparttar 117717 next estimated period.

Businesses - Leisurely Dining Or Fast Food

Written by Chuck and Sue DeFiore

It occurred to merepparttar other day, that so many people today liken their businesses torepparttar 117688 way they eat - fast. Think about it. All overrepparttar 117689 web we are inundated with... make $1000's of dollars a day, make $10,000 a month, make a million byrepparttar 117690 end ofrepparttar 117691 year. Everyone is looking forrepparttar 117692 magic formula orrepparttar 117693 magic bullet to get rich They want their business to succeed inrepparttar 117694 time it takes to get their hamburger or chicken sandwich. No wait, no delay of gratification. I want it now, and I want it without having to work at it. I want to sit back and rake inrepparttar 117695 dollars, my way.

Those of us who have been onrepparttar 117696 web forrepparttar 117697 past six years, realize that just likerepparttar 117698 businesses we ran offrepparttar 117699 web, a web business takes time to grow. It is not fast food, but instead like an five course dinner. We start withrepparttar 117700 drink,repparttar 117701 business idea, then go torepparttar 117702 appetizer,repparttar 117703 business name, mission statement and business plan, thenrepparttar 117704 first course, formalized plan,repparttar 117705 second course,repparttar 117706 strategies to market our business,repparttar 117707 main course,repparttar 117708 everyday running ofrepparttar 117709 business, and then comesrepparttar 117710 dessert,repparttar 117711 moneys, we so richly deserve.

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