"Getting On Page One Is Easy...Getting The Sale Is The Hard Part."

Written by Roger J. Burke

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Just how difficult is it to develop and promote a domain that will rank on page one or two of allrepparttar 128176 majors?

Well...like anything, that depends upon many factors.

You can buy your way torepparttar 128177 top, of course, with pay-per-click SEs. That can get very expensive, and may well be beyond a person's budget. Atrepparttar 128178 moment, however, there aren't too many pay-per-click SEs. (You can expect that technique, just quietly, to grow and get more expensive.)

You can get what's called a "sponsored" listing to appear atrepparttar 128179 top (or side) of page one when certain search terms are entered. That can cost, too.

A lot of sites, I'm told, resort to cloaking techniques i.e. presenting a certain page to each SE and then redirectingrepparttar 128180 prospect torepparttar 128181 real page. SEs don't like that, I'm also told, and rightly so. When, f'instance, wasrepparttar 128182 last time you looked in your Yellow pages for a certain business, called it onrepparttar 128183 'phone and then found out that you were connected to something entirely different?

You wouldn't stand for that, nor would I. Nor would anybody. Dittorepparttar 128184 SEs regarding cloaking (although, just quietly again, I understand that there are inherent problems in exposing those who cloak).

Onrepparttar 128185 other hand, appropriate advertising is good - good for you and me, good for business. Too much, fromrepparttar 128186 same source however, is tiresome. It battersrepparttar 128187 senses, sometimes to stupefaction, almost. Many sites seem to revel in that, with hundreds of doorway pages in areas you would not suspect, yet which lead you torepparttar 128188 same old stuff.

Spammers delight in that tactic, so I understand, but SEs are developing techniques to root them out. And so say all of us, right?

So, let's put aside cloaking and zillions of cloned pages...bandwidths shouldn't be burdened with bandits, right? ;-)

So...getting back torepparttar 128189 question: just how can any regular Joe or Jane develop a website that will rank high, without resorting to trick or treat tactics (or sponsored / pay-per-click payments)?

Actually, it's easier than you think - provided certain limitations are recognized and accepted:

1. Whatever you're selling, sell one product per domain name. 2. Have a domain name, if possible, that describes your product explicitly. 3. Have a TITLE for your main page that enhances and specializes your product even further. 4. Have a "killer" headline, asrepparttar 128190 first sentence inrepparttar 128191 BODY, that talks only to your targeted group of prospects. That headline is alsorepparttar 128192 META Description you must use. 5. Fromrepparttar 128193 BODY of your sales copy, extractrepparttar 128194 most significant and repeated words or phrases asrepparttar 128195 Keyword META tags to use inrepparttar 128196 HEAD.

The Truth About WebPosition Gold

Written by Butch Pujol

This article may be reprinted providedrepparttar resource box, Web address and copyright information remain.

The debate aboutrepparttar 128174 search engine submission software WebPosition Gold rages on. I hear some people say WebPosition Gold isrepparttar 128175 best there is and it isrepparttar 128176 only one worth using. Onrepparttar 128177 other hand, I hear people say it doesn't work at all. From my review of this software, I can tell you that both may be true... depending on a few key facts.

The Myth Of Instant Results

If you think you are going to buy WebPosition Gold, install it, punch a few buttons and get top ten search engine listings you will be in for a big disappointment.

WebPosition Gold is a very powerful piece of software inrepparttar 128178 hands of someone who has learned how to use it and has studied howrepparttar 128179 search engines (SE) work.

WebPosition Gold is used by some ofrepparttar 128180 top search engine positioning companies. These companies not only userepparttar 128181 software, most were born because of its very creation. Let me explain. If just anyone could use WebPosition Gold for top search engine positioning right out ofrepparttar 128182 box these companies would not exist. Think of it this way... WebPosition Gold is a "tool", not an end-all, be-all solution.

I am not saying that if you bought WebPosition Gold you could not attain top ten rankings. I am not saying that at all. Anyone can attain top ten rankings using WebPosition Gold if they spendrepparttar 128183 time learningrepparttar 128184 software, learning how search engines work,repparttar 128185 importance of keywords and how to pick and place them, Web design to allow SE spiders into your site for indexing and a host of other things that can affect listings and rankings. In addition, you'll need to spend time keeping up with allrepparttar 128186 changes search engines constantly make.

Before you buy, decide whether you are willing to gain allrepparttar 128187 knowledge you'll need in order to make WebPosition Gold work with maximum impact.

Well Worthrepparttar 128188 Price

This powerful piece of software has seven features:repparttar 128189 Reporter, Page Generator, Page Critic, Upload Manager, Submitter, Scheduler and Analyzer. Anyone of these is worth repparttar 128190 $149.00 price tag alone. So don't just look at it as SE submission software.

The Submitter will promote any pages you choose torepparttar 128191 most important search engines. Resubmitting can sometimes provide an extra bump uprepparttar 128192 charts, sorepparttar 128193 Submitter can be scheduled to re-submit regularly. It even follows-up to verify a site was indexed byrepparttar 128194 expected date. You should only use repparttar 128195 Submitter after you have optimized your Web pages and have uploaded them to your server. The Submitter can submit them all automatically to each ofrepparttar 128196 search engines, saving you hours of time.

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