Getting Listed in the Top Three Search Engines for Free

Written by Jinger Jarrett

The search engine wars are on again.

In an effort to beat each other forrepparttar number one position, each ofrepparttar 128298 big three search engines is changing its search engine model or changing its site.


Inrepparttar 128299 number three position is Google. In their bid to compete, they have changed their model from just a search engine to becoming a world class portal. Adding services like free email and groups, as well as offering a free blog at Blogger,, Google is seeking to attract more users to their site by making it sticky. There's also Froogle, Google's version of an online catalog where you can buy just about any kind of product.

Number two is MSN. Not content to be inrepparttar 128300 number two position, Bill Gates,repparttar 128301 richest man in America, is adding a spider search engine to his site to offer a much larger segment ofrepparttar 128302 Internet.

For some time now,repparttar 128303 only way to get into MSN was to pay for it. MSN was part of a network of sites including Looksmart, which lost a lot of its popularity when it switched to a paid model.

Inrepparttar 128304 number one spot is Yahoo. Overrepparttar 128305 last several years, if you wanted to be inrepparttar 128306 Yahoo directory, it cost $299. Until recently, Yahoo's backend results came from Google until they split. Now Yahoo has acquired Altavista, AllTheWeb, Inktomi, and Overture. Yahoo now has its own spider search engine, and you can get listed free.


Submission torepparttar 128307 the major search engines is easier than ever now because all of them have, or are, building spider search engines.

Note: A spider search engine is different from a directory. Sites offering spider search engines actually "crawl"repparttar 128308 site and add all ofrepparttar 128309 pages on your site torepparttar 128310 engine providedrepparttar 128311 pages aren't too deep. With directories, human beings usually reviewrepparttar 128312 sites before adding them to make sure sites are added torepparttar 128313 correct category.

Times can vary on when your site will be accepted.

For Google, it can take as little as three days to 30 days. Google reservesrepparttar 128314 right not to accept your site.

You can submit to Google here:

Make sure that you read all ofrepparttar 128315 instructions on this site to makerepparttar 128316 most of submitting your site torepparttar 128317 this search engine, as well as get additional tips about search engine submission.

MSN's search results are currently powered byrepparttar 128318 Inktomi Search Index. MSN is currently working on its own version of a spider search engine.

There are no guarantees your site will be accepted or that your site will be accepted in a certain length of time.

You can submit your site here:

Yahoo recently created its own version ofrepparttar 128319 spider search engine. It's free to submit, but you have to have to sign up for an account with Yahoo to accessrepparttar 128320 site. The account is also free. It takes about 30 days for Yahoo to spider your site, and there are no guarantees you will be accepted.

How To Design A Search Engine Friendly Website

Written by Arif Hanid

There are many websites that fail to target their required traffic, even if they’ve had some search engine optimisation work done. One ofrepparttar main causes for this is simply becauserepparttar 128297 website isn’t search engine friendly. This is a basic essential that needs to be incorporated intorepparttar 128298 design of all websites atrepparttar 128299 outset – think of it asrepparttar 128300 foundation to establishing your search engine optimisation strategy. This article aims to highlightrepparttar 128301 areas a web designer should think about and incorporate into their design for search engine effectiveness:

1.Search Engine Friendly Pages It is important that when you design your website you not only bear in mind what your website requirements are, but also whatrepparttar 128302 requirements are for search engines. Best way to approach this is to remember that search engines don’t really care about how nice or complicated your graphics or flash movies are, or how snazzy your javascript is. Instead search engines look atrepparttar 128303 code behind your page. Therefore if you want to impress a search engine, then your code needs to be nice and easy to read. Now from this I don’t mean adding ‘comment’ tags and breakingrepparttar 128304 lines of code up with spaces, but to ensure thatrepparttar 128305 elementsrepparttar 128306 search engine is interested in, i.e. Title tag, Description tag, Keyword tag (these days only some search engines really userepparttar 128307 keyword tag), Alt tag, are readable nearrepparttar 128308 beginning ofrepparttar 128309 code. Search Engines don’t like wadding through lines and lines of javascript to get torepparttar 128310 core areas that can help you page’s ranking. Therefore careful planning and positioning of your page elements is required.

TIPS: ·If you’re using table for laying out your page then make them simple and not too complex. ·Avoid using frames. ·If you need javascripts for navigation purposes, then use smaller scripts to call uprepparttar 128311 bulk ofrepparttar 128312 javascript from a different file. ·Think twice on how to use graphics – make them relevant to your content and userepparttar 128313 Alt tag for all images. ·Positionrepparttar 128314 main content ofrepparttar 128315 page beforerepparttar 128316 images, or at least withrepparttar 128317 images nested betweenrepparttar 128318 text.

2.Keywords Having good keywords is one ofrepparttar 128319 most important areas to consider when designing a website/webpage. One ofrepparttar 128320 best tools for this is Wordtracker (, which allows you to identify good competitive keywords for your pages. In generalrepparttar 128321 range of keywords associated to your pages can be very extensive therefore for good concentration and prominence of keywords it is advisable to carefully selectrepparttar 128322 top 10-15 keywords. You can always exportrepparttar 128323 results to Excel and try out other competitive keywords ifrepparttar 128324 ones you selected initially do not produce any noticeable benefits.

TOP TIP: Wordtracker offer a one day subscription to their service from which you can squeeze nearly 2 ½ days worth of use! Here’s how – Sign-up forrepparttar 128325 service onrepparttar 128326 evening of Day 1 (the service will be available almost immediately so you can start searching for your competitive keywords straight away). You will also be able to userepparttar 128327 service forrepparttar 128328 whole of Day 2 and strangely forrepparttar 128329 whole of Day 3! Enough time to get some good keywords for a lot of pages!

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