Getting Listed and staying Listed In Search Engines

Written by John Horsch

Creating High Ranking Search engine results is not a game, although many companies try to foolrepparttar search engines and make it one.

Search engines are very completive and, it seems, everyone wants to knowrepparttar 128324 latest tricks or secret. Forget all that.

CONTENT-CONTENT! Yes, content is what matters torepparttar 128325 search engines. If your pages are keyword relevant and packed with valuable content your rankings will reflect this. If you try to trickrepparttar 128326 search engines you could very well find your site banned.

One ofrepparttar 128327 things you can do is write short articles that containrepparttar 128328 contentrepparttar 128329 search engines want. Helprepparttar 128330 search engines don't try to trick them.

Relax and become a content provider, not a trickster. This is a much easier way to obtain higher search engine ranking without allrepparttar 128331 games and tricks.

1. Use Keyword Phrases You Want To Use Use hot industry keywords that are relevant to your web site. Notice I said "Use Keyword Phrases". Keyword phrases are much more effective at gettingrepparttar 128332 customers you want to your page. Most people will type in search phrase, not just one word.

2. Use Focused Content and Research Rework different resources articles and make them your own. Taking from one source is plagiarism and will get you in trouble. Reworking from 5- 10 different resources is called research. You simply want to write a short article, your not looking to write a book. Use concise content and you could find your rankings creeping up.

Team Up With Your Competitors

Written by Terence Tan

Pay per click search engines are a great way to get targeted traffic quickly. The only problem is that asrepparttar search terms get more popular,repparttar 128323 price of each click through rises. It is very sad to watch your top ranking fall offrepparttar 128324 first page into obscurity asrepparttar 128325 cost per click rises out of your budget.

One way to get around this is to team up with a few ofrepparttar 128326 "competitors" you find bidding onrepparttar 128327 same term. The idea is that if 10 people agree to cooperate to create a new page listing their ten web sites prominently, sort of like another search results page (which you can call a directory of top 10 sites in your topic), you can pool your resources and pay to get this page listed asrepparttar 128328 top search result for your desired keyword.

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