Getting Inbound Links is as Easy as 1-2-3.

Written by Tim Arnold

Your success onrepparttar internet is directly related to how many other sites are linking back to yours. The goal of every webmaster is to get more inbound links. I have listed three simple steps below to automate and multiplyrepparttar 119323 process. Oncerepparttar 119324 process is started you will be getting inbound links while you sleep.

Number One:

Write Articles. It is hard work to write a quality article but you will find it to be a long term strategy for building inbound links that will pay off for years to come in both link popularity and traffic to your website. You may not consider yourself an expert on a particular subject, but if you have a website I'll bet you are an expert onrepparttar 119325 subject you have chosen for that website. Write an article onrepparttar 119326 theme of your website and submit it torepparttar 119327 various article directories onrepparttar 119328 internet. Believe it or not, you are an expert. You just haven't realize it yet.

Your article will be published with a link pointing to your site. Make sure thatrepparttar 119329 text link hasrepparttar 119330 keywords in it you have carefully chosen. For example, your keywords here .

You may experience a feeding frenzy on your article. Why? Simply because webmasters are constantly looking for content. Webmasters are busy designing sites and are able to save time by using expert content from other people. They often create websites with thousands of pages and are in need of content for those sites. And they know whererepparttar 119331 directories are that will contain your article. Every time your article is picked up by a webmaster, it will result in a link back to your site. Inrepparttar 119332 first few days after I submitted my first article it got pick up and posted 400 times! I was shocked. You will be too!

Rethinking Linking - Link Exchange Back to Basics

Written by Kai Virihaur

Inrepparttar old days ofrepparttar 119322 internet, links wererepparttar 119323 primary communication path between web sites. Search engines were not as sophisticated as today, and search results rather crude. Actually, even today links are reported to be more used than search engine results; butrepparttar 119324 latter are increasing their share.

In a way, this began to change when Google enteredrepparttar 119325 scene. In an effort to make search results more relevant, Google implemented an algoritm that judgedrepparttar 119326 quality of a web site byrepparttar 119327 number of other sites linking to it. It seemed rather obvious that a popular, much linked-to, site should be of higher relevance than a site with few links pointing to it.

Unfortunately, as webmasters realized this a frantic stampede began. Everybody did whatever they could to secure as many incoming links as possible. One example: In my own field, web hosting reviews, there is a site that has (according to Yahoo) 4,000,000 incoming links pointing to it! Yes, FOUR MILLION links! By comparison, has only about 3,000,000 incoming links!

I won't speculate on just how those 4,000,000 links were collected, but surely it can't have been by manually asking those 4,000,000 webmasters for a link exchange! And I also doubt thatrepparttar 119328 4,000,000 webmasters just spontaneously thought "Wow, I will put up a link to this cool web hosting review site"! Yes, even cooler than, evidently.

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