Get your website viewed today

Written by Ratliff J

If you have a website, chances are you would like to increase your traffic. Well, I have a few simple steps to make this easier.

#1. Write related articles and post them directly on your website for viewing. Make sure they are "search engine friendly".

#2. Submitrepparttar same articles to places such as and other free web publishing websites.

#3. Use an autoresponder to create a mailing list so people can sign up and getrepparttar 138773 latest article automatically.

Adsense Secrets

Written by Joan Masterson

Pst! Wanna know some Adsense secrets? The only secret is that there are no secrets!

Do a search for Adsense secrets and you will be bombarded by a myriad of ads by telling you that they, and they alone have allrepparttar answers to making lots of money with Adsense. And I say bully to all of them. I repeat: nobody has allrepparttar 138628 answers and there are no "Adsense secrets" per se!

The only thing you need to find out all there is to know about Adsense is a search engine and a bit of common sense. There are literally hundreds of forums where you can pick up allrepparttar 138629 information you need, as well as hundreds of articles that have been written onrepparttar 138630 subject of Adsense.

Allrepparttar 138631 answers are out there for you to find it you will put in a little bit of work. If you buy any ofrepparttar 138632 ebooks available out there, you might find one little nugget of information that you may not have seen anywhere else, but I promise you: everything is out here onrepparttar 138633 Internet - all you have to do is search for it. Here are some ofrepparttar 138634 search terms that I personally have used with great results:

increase adsense income increase your adsense income adsense experiments adsense adsense tricks adsense tips

What I can tell you from my own experience is this:

1. Ads atrepparttar 138635 top ofrepparttar 138636 page and onrepparttar 138637 left ofrepparttar 138638 page perfom better than any other ads. (Take a look atrepparttar 138639 "heatmap" fromrepparttar 138640 Google link below) 2. Ads without background colour and borders perfom better than ads within borders with background colour. 3. Ads within content pages perform better than any other ads. 4. A search box on every page gives you another chance for earning Adsense income. 5. Your link atrepparttar 138641 top ofrepparttar 138642 ad should be blue like a normal link,repparttar 138643 ad should be black, andrepparttar 138644 url should also be black so that it blends in withrepparttar 138645 ad copy. That makesrepparttar 138646 link stand out and gives you a better chance of someone clicking on it.

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