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Written by Ariful Anam

Educational products - ---------------------- • English Learning Programme (ELP): Specially designed for students, business people, housewives, executives, professionals, and anybody who wants to read, write, speak, and understand English fluently. This pioneering Programme is a unique combination of a book and two CDs. • Deesha Gold: This is a set of 7 Computer Based Tutorials (CBTs) onrepparttar basic IT applications and concepts like Windows, Word, Excel, PowerPoint andrepparttar 136945 Internet. It is well suited for those who want to learn all aboutrepparttar 136946 basics of computing andrepparttar 136947 Internet. It is extremely user-friendly. It contains demonstrations that help you learn while enjoying it. • Kiran: This is a set of 2 CBTs designed to guide you towards a trouble-free computing experience. It guides you from assembling and maintaining of a PC to dealing with essential hardware components. It has 3D demonstrations to help you find solutions torepparttar 136948 problems that your computer might face. It does this by providing you with in-depth knowledge on essential hardware components. • Learning Adobe Photoshop: An extensive CBT onrepparttar 136949 most popular Image Editing software. With its integrated Web tool application, Photoshop delivers a comprehensive environment for professional designers and graphics producers to create sophisticated images for print,repparttar 136950 Web, wireless devices, and other media. • Learning Flash MX: This is an extensively used web-authoring programme for web and CD-ROM presentations. This CBT is extremely user-friendly and can be accessed by anybody who hasrepparttar 136951 desire to discoverrepparttar 136952 exciting world of animation, special effects, and web and CD authoring. Same Place Different Look

Written by Chris Jeffery Van Ackland is pleased to reveal that its website has been updated to show a new look making it easier for it’s readership to navigate around its impressive site.

The site which has continued to repeat persistent gains withinrepparttar e-commerce news media and has untaken its goal in providing for its readership quality production in national and international news.

Developments are still ongoing with design benefits for better and faster delivery to an impressive 2500-3000 unique visitors daily andrepparttar 136492 sites 350’000 plus readers who visit monthly together with a careful design for its LGBT lead market.

Senior Editor Chris praisedrepparttar 136493 continued efforts and achievements of its technical team in stabilising and securing normality, as “unwanted abuse has been a cause of a little concern” adding “unfortunately this has proven to be a hic-cup in an otherwise promising site”.

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