Get the most out of your digital camera today

Written by Kevin Rockwell

Point and click. The new life of digital cameras gives us allrepparttar opportunity to capture images as we go. Whether you simply hitrepparttar 133446 shutter button to take pictures of your friends and family or if you want to have your camera with you at all times in order to capturerepparttar 133447 beauty of life wherever you find it, gettingrepparttar 133448 most out of your digital camera can be easy.

Let’s imagine ourselves withrepparttar 133449 perfect set up of digital camera and a few accessories to make things just right. My personal and professional recommendation is that we start with memory. Get more today. If you only have one memory card for your camera it is time to add torepparttar 133450 collection. If you have more than one then good job! The more memory you have for your digital camerarepparttar 133451 less likely it will be that you get stuck wanting to take more pictures and have no more room onrepparttar 133452 storage. Memory is relatively cheap, takes up no space in your kit and gives you total control over creativity.

Your camera comes with a variety of quality settings to work with when taking images. Don’t use TIFF, leave it on one ofrepparttar 133453 medium quality level settings and your camera will take fine images for you and not eat up all your memory. If you userepparttar 133454 highest setting you will get very few images onto your card. They will forrepparttar 133455 most part be of very high quality but you would only want to shoot at that level of quality if you are intending to make high quality large format prints of your images.

Now if that child of yours is just so incredibly cute and your wall is aching for a portrait of his or her shining face then by all means do it onrepparttar 133456 highest quality. The key will be to use good software to processrepparttar 133457 image and then a printer that can make a large format, high quality print of your image. They exist and for not unreasonable prices I might add.

I was stunned at a recent art show in my neighborhood to be looking at a photographer’s exhibit of large size prints (18x24 and up in size) to find out that he shoots exclusively in digital now. He was a former film photographer who switched over in recent years and now makes stunning prints from his digital images. His landscape images were simply amazing and to find out that he shot them on a good digital camera made me very curious aboutrepparttar 133458 process, but that is fodder for another article.

Juice isrepparttar 133459 answer to your next question. Always have more juice. I spent 20 years inrepparttar 133460 TV news business and my mantra was always have extra batteries ready to go and an extra tape underrepparttar 133461 back seat in case of emergency. For TV camerasrepparttar 133462 batteries were always big and heavy rechargeable NiCads. Lithium batteries arerepparttar 133463 rage nowadays as they are lighter in weight, have no memory problems, and run longer. Digital still cameras can take advantage of Lithium batteries butrepparttar 133464 cost is often slightly prohibitive for most of us. Some camera systems use proprietary battery systems. I would recommend not buying into that sort of system. Try to buy a camera that uses universal types of batteries such as AA’s. I use a camera that takes AA’s and I have three sets of rechargeable batteries so I can rotate through them and never be caught short. Total cost for three sets of batteries is about $30, and they will last you several years if you treat them right. If you just buy regular AA batteries and shoot a lot of images your battery cost might triple that over a like period of time.

Understanding Code Behind in .Net Framework

Written by Balaji

Understanding Code Behind in .Net Framework

The ASP.NET Code Behind feature in .Net Framework allows developers to separaterepparttar server-side code fromrepparttar 133445 presentation layer. This concept makesrepparttar 133446 server-side code to store in one file andrepparttar 133447 presentation code, that is, HTML code in another file. When you compilerepparttar 133448 ASP.NET page both these files get compiled as a single entity. Inrepparttar 133449 traditional ASP model, this could not be achieved which often leads to intermingling ofrepparttar 133450 code andrepparttar 133451 design.

The biggest advantage, in ASP.NET, is thatrepparttar 133452 presentation code will be in .aspx file andrepparttar 133453 server-side code will be in any .Net compatible language such as Visual Basic.Net, C#, or J#. You can also do away withrepparttar 133454 presentation layer because you can give this role torepparttar 133455 web designers. This saves time and you can concentrate only onrepparttar 133456 coding part ofrepparttar 133457 application. In addition, you can create a class for your code and inherit this class fromrepparttar 133458 ASP.NET Page object. By this wayrepparttar 133459 class can accessrepparttar 133460 page intrinsics and also interact withrepparttar 133461 postback architecture. After this you can createrepparttar 133462 ASP.NET page and apply a page directive to inherit from this new class.

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