Get listed at DMOZ

Written by Jakob Jelling

When you are deciding onrepparttar major search engine directories that you want your website to be listed in, you should not overlook one ofrepparttar 127842 most important ones:repparttar 127843 DMOZ (short form for Directory Mozilla). DMOZ is just another name forrepparttar 127844 Open Directory Project, one ofrepparttar 127845 human-powered submission directories. The Open Directory Project ( was designed and is currently operated by a volunteer group of web editors and reviewers.

It will not cost you a dime to get listed on DMOZ but before you submit your website torepparttar 127846 Open Directory Project for review, you will need to be certain it is developed with DMOZ standards in mind. You will need to go through all of your web pages to make sure that your website is elegant and professional.

Your website design should be already completed atrepparttar 127847 time you makerepparttar 127848 submission. That means thatrepparttar 127849 design of every single web page should be finished. Unfinished websites will be rejected. Also make sure that your website contains valuable and relevant information or your website will get rejected.

One ofrepparttar 127850 benefits of being listed withrepparttar 127851 Open Directory Project is that your website will sooner or later appear in other search engines like Google and Yahoo. This happens becauserepparttar 127852 DMOZ listings are used by numerous search engines and directories, including Google.

The Myth of Search Engine Submission

Written by Mario Sanchez

Contrary to what most people think, it is not necessary to submit your site torepparttar search engines. Inrepparttar 127841 early days ofrepparttar 127842 web, when search engine technology was still primitive and search engines' ability to crawlrepparttar 127843 web was somehow limited, it made sense to submit your site.

Today, search engines like Google, MSN or Yahoo! Search have no problem crawling billions of pages and adding them to their index every month (and sometimes even more often). Most likely, they will find your site once they find a link to your page in another website.

That website can be a directory (a site that uses human editors to select, categorize and list websites), a site you exchange links with, or an article-posting site where you submit articles you write, complete with your resource box (a small bio about yourself with a link to your site).

The two best general directories are Yahoo! ($299/year fee) and DMOZ (free, but they may take a while to list your site). Listing your site with them will give you two ofrepparttar 127844 best links you can get.

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