Get a Health Screening Before You Start Training

Written by Gene Tewksbury

So, you have decided to hire a personal trainer to help you with your workouts. If your trainer is reputable and following proper certified techniques he/she will probably ask that you go through a Health Screening exam before begging your program. Many people resist this essential part of their training program because they feel it is unnecessary or that it will be embarrassing for them, however, these worries are untrue and skipping your health screening can result in a lower quality program design or even an increased likelihood for injury on your part. There are many reasons to perform a health screening, both for you and your trainer.
  • To identify possible health conditions and risk factors that could place you at risk for certain activities
  • A thorough health screening can help a trainer to decide what activities and exercises should be included in your workout. Often they can provide modifications to those exercises which may have caused you trouble inrepparttar past.
  • It is often required by many clubs for legal reasons
  • It helps you and your trainer to communicate your needs and concerns
An analysis of your health history is oftenrepparttar 136902 primary tool for developing a safe exercise program. Generally a health history form will be filled out and will cover information such as your demographic (age, sex, occupation, etc.), exercise history, health risk factors, medications, recent illnesses and injuries,

Lifestyle Changes - Never too late.

Written by Jennifer Geisheker

Itís Never Too Late to Make Lifestyle Changes to Improve Your Health

Everyone knows that exercise and proper nutrition are important. Unfortunately less than one third of older adults engage in regular physical activity and nutrition can often suffer due to illness, medications, or for a variety of other reasons. The good news is that itís never too late to make changes that can improve your health.

To benefit fromrepparttar seemingly infinite rewards of exercise it is important to get off torepparttar 136901 right start. Just about every older adult can safely do some type of physical activity to improve their health. Think about what types of exercise or activities you like doing or would like to do and believe that you can do them. Then decide that exercise is going to be part of your daily life. It is important to begin slowly, start with one or two types of exercise and gradually add more as you become comfortable and confident. Try to include balance, strength, flexibility, and endurance exercises. To determinerepparttar 136902 proper intensity of exercise, be sure that you feel youíre challenging yourself but are still able to talk without much difficulty. Do not do anything that causes you pain or dizziness. Keep in mind that continuous progress and regular practice is essential for reapingrepparttar 136903 benefits of exercise. Think about ways to make your program stick. Consider asking a friend or loved one to join you, hire a personal trainer, join a class at a community center or YMCA, or walk in your favorite park. Whatever it is you decide to do, make sure you have fun!

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