Get Your Visitors To Push The Snowball

Written by Gauher Chaudhry

Do you want to knowrepparttar secret of getting thousands of visitors to your web site?

Think about it for a minute.

If you could get thousands of people to your web site, you could sell more of your products or services. You would be making more money from your affiliate programs. You would be capturing more email addresses to add to your email newsletter list. Bottom line, more profits.

So you want to knowrepparttar 134299 secret? Are you ready? Getting excited?

Tellrepparttar 134300 whole world about your web site! Knock on doors, call everyone in your city, get some radio time, purchase newspaper ads, buy some commercials on TV (preferably duringrepparttar 134301 Super Bowl) and you will be all set! Easy eh? Yeah right...

Let's face it. You will not be able to reach thousands of people on your own. Your budget is small and most importantly, your time is limited?

So how are you going to bring thousands of visitors to your web site? You're not. Your visitors will.

Confused? Don't be. Allrepparttar 134302 big name marketers are using this method so why aren't you? It is easy to turn your visitors into promoters for your site by giving themrepparttar 134303 right tools.

Here are a few examples:

Referral Scripts - By installing a referral form on every page of your web site, you will be encouraging your visitors to refer your site to their friends. You can get a free referral script from any web site that provides free CGI's. If one person refers your site to two people and they in each refer your site to another two people each, a viral effect will be created.

Postcards - By offering free postcards for your visitors, they will be sending out postcards to their friends and relatives that have a link back to YOUR site. People retrieving their postcards will also want to send out postcards from your site. If every person sends out two postcards, another viral effect will be created that will drive traffic to your web site.


Written by David Seitz

Wow, that's a powerful title! Don't letrepparttar headline fool you though, this could berepparttar 134298 most important article you ever read. If done correctly this is onerepparttar 134299 easiest ways to create a permanent revenue stream with ANY affiliate program you are promoting.

Have you taken notice that some ofrepparttar 134300 most popular types of web sites onrepparttar 134301 internet are portal (or vortal) web sites? These portals, or should we say web site vortals (vertical portals) are really nothing more than an organized collection of links to other web sites.

Why are they so popular, and more importantly why are they so successful?

One ofrepparttar 134302 biggest reasons they are popular is because they save visitors time. We all know time is very easy to waste onrepparttar 134303 internet. A visitor to a vortal does not have to go through tedious search engine listings to find what they are looking for anymore, it's all right there sorted and stored for them at their favorite vortal web site.

Let me tell you a little story before we get deeper into this since it fits right in with this article. It's also a prime example of why these sites are so successful.

Last week I was searching for information on a motorcycle... specifically pricing info. I wanted to see what kind of price fluctuations there were from state to state. Well to make a long story short, while I was searching I wondered upon a few vortal sites geared to repparttar 134304 motorcycle community. These sites actually had everything I was looking for and more... I even ended up buying from a couple of their resources and they both ended up in my bookmarks for future visits.

No fancy graphics, no amazing flash animations just good solid "targeted" content.

To follow along here arerepparttar 134305 two web sites I ended up spending some time at:

(Don't worry we are going to get to explaining how all of this is going to help you increase your internet revenue!)

Visitrepparttar 134306 first web site and what do you see?

Let's put it all into perspective:

1. A large "searchable" categorized listing of motorcycle resources and vendors. 2. Advertisers with products and services geared torepparttar 134307 motorcycle industry. 3. Affiliate bookstore geared to motorcycle users. 4. Affiliated classified ad system and auction. 5. Automated directory system.

Actually this vortal is owned and operated by so I am sure you can see repparttar 134308 big picture here... they realizerepparttar 134309 community a vertical portal brings sells products and produces advertising revenue!

So, what do we have to work with here...

If you created and operated a vortal site what would you have to look forward to:

1. The searchable categorized listings make it as easy as possible for a visitor to find what they are looking for and almost guarantees your site gets bookmarked.

2. Once a vortal becomes popular advertisers flock to it because they know they will find "targeted" traffic. Not only can you produce a solid advertising revenue stream but you can also advertise your own affiliate programs especially if they are geared torepparttar 134310 web sites category.

3. The fact thatrepparttar 134311 system is totally automated is a big fat bonus! What if related web sites visited and build your directory for you, isn't that enough reason to stop what you are doing right now and start on repparttar 134312 framework for your own vertical portal web site?

Vortals are geared to one subject and visitors love it!

All Content is geared torepparttar 134313 vortals theme. All advertising is geared torepparttar 134314 vortals content. All resources are related torepparttar 134315 vortals content. All in all a vortal is a perfect targeted community

$$$$ Cha-Ching!

Ok we all seerepparttar 134316 big picture here but how do we put a vertical portal to work for an affiliate program?

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