Get Your Rebates

Written by David Catt

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Why rebates? Why not just temporary reducedrepparttar 147403 price like a sale? I am sure you have asked yourself this question many times.

The answer is quite simple really. Some companies offering a rebate do not want to give you anything. They just want to lure you like a fish to bait. The bait is an imaginary price you will pay forrepparttar 147404 product. The ad usually shows in BIG numbers this price andrepparttar 147405 actual price in tiny numbers. Once you get their product home, they hope you will happy withrepparttar 147406 price you think you paid and forget about it.

Did you remember to pick up a rebate form? They hope not. Would you go back to get one - probably not. Some places are printing outrepparttar 147407 rebate form with your sales receipt (applause!). Some companies putrepparttar 147408 rebate form in with product. Watchrepparttar 147409 rebate expiration date. Sometimes a product will sit onrepparttar 147410 shelf too long andrepparttar 147411 enclosed rebate will have expired.

Ok, you haverepparttar 147412 rebate form. READ IT! Read all of it - normal print, fine print, front and back. Look at offer expiration and "purchased between" dates. I got burned once buying an advertised rebate product a few days beforerepparttar 147413 rebate actually started. What you are required to send? My favorite isrepparttar 147414 original sales receipt. What if you have purchased two items with rebates? What isrepparttar 147415 processing time and a point of contact should you not receive your rebate check within that period? I suggest puttingrepparttar 147416 contact onrepparttar 147417 calendar onrepparttar 147418 last day as a reminder. Ifrepparttar 147419 rebate does not have a phone number contact you stand a chance of getting burned. I have on three separate occasions. I suggest you go torepparttar 147420 rebate center atrepparttar 147421 store and picking up rebate form and read it before makingrepparttar 147422 purchase.

Weddings - Wedding Plan - Wedding Planner Tools - Ten Essential Tips

Written by Tom Downward

Getting Married? Congratulations! You just setrepparttar date forrepparttar 147398 most important day in your life. Your wedding day. Imagine...It is your wedding day. Your very own wedding day! It will be fun.

Here are ten essential steps that will makerepparttar 147399 preparation fun too.

1. Keep within your financial limits. Budget your wedding. You do not want to start your married life in debt. If you are organized have a plan and are creative, whatever your budget, a "wedding to remember" will be yours.

2. Now Visualize. That's right, visualize. Close your eyes and look atrepparttar 147400 tasks at hand. The list may SEEM overwhelming but it isn't.

3.Don't try to do everything all at once. Start by gathering information. Userepparttar 147401 Net to gather ideas from aroundrepparttar 147402 world. Make an extensive list of "things you LIKE", "things you WANT" and "things you MUST HAVE" (seerepparttar 147403 difference?)

4. Now you are ready to make a Top Ten (or top eleven or twelve) list.

5. Break your list it into small manageable portions that you can successfully accomplish. Use categories like... Beforerepparttar 147404 wedding - Duringrepparttar 147405 wedding - Afterrepparttar 147406 wedding.

6. Now use sub categories. Include ideas for related events such as, showers, receptions, and honeymoon.

7. It is YOUR wedding. It reflects YOU. No one should dictate to you what to do and how to do it. You may seek advice, ideas and wisdom but inrepparttar 147407 end each final decision is yours.

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