Get Your Emails Organized, Part II : Fight Spam !

Written by Detlev Reimer

Inrepparttar last few yearsrepparttar 109597 extent of Spam (unsolicited email) has multiplied a hundred times. Have you taken measures to reduce spam to a minimum ? If not, I will give you some hints how you can fight this new evil ofrepparttar 109598 information age .

Those annoying violators of your privacy are not worth your valuable time...

Pseudo Excuses Of Spammers

Those guys hide their shameless behaviour after pseudo excuses like "Thank you for your request" or "Re : More information" , "Thank you very much for your offer", "I saw your ad", "I've just visited your website" etc. - so people could think "Mmmmmmh, I'm not sure if I have NOT requested that stuff or perhaps he has a real request" ; it could be a legal email, though...

Followingrepparttar 109599 rules outlined in this article, you'll be able to free more of your time for doing business again and not getting over- whelmed by a flood of emails.

Use A Different Email Address For All Your Marketing Needs...

I'm almost certain that you will have more than just one email address for your email needs . Or rather not ? Then you are making a big mistake.....

Do you already have your own domain ? With your own website, you will have included a lot of email POP-accounts which are just perfect to fit your desire to be protected against spam . If you don't have your own domain, you should order one ASAP or you are not serious about marketing onrepparttar 109600 Internet....

You should at least set uprepparttar 109601 following e-mail accounts :

1.) E-mail for subscriptions to newsletters ONLY -e.g. :

2.) E-mail for private purposes (friends, relatives, colleagues) -e.g. : ,

3.) E-mail for public ads (public e-mail address ) - e.g. : ---> This Is The Email Address Where SPAM Goes To

4.) E-mail for outgoing ad messages (e.g. if you'rerepparttar 109602 owner of an FFA-page and you send confirmation e-mails; this would berepparttar 109603 "sender"-address) ------> This isrepparttar 109604 email address where you have to deal with autoresponders/undeliverables/ and also SPAM

Top 5 Tips To Building A Large, RESPONSIVE List

Written by Mike Merz

Regardless of which type of product or service you're marketing Online, building an in house list of prospects is absolutely essential.

One thing that is often not taken into consideration is subscriber quality and retention.

Having a big list won't benefit you if it's members are unresponsive.

Here are a few tips designed to help you maximizerepparttar productivity of your ezine, newsletter, follow up, etc. ...

1) Build a website, sub domain, or page off of your main site, solely dedicated to collecting email addresses for follow up.

Legendary Internet marketer Terry Dean of fame < > goes on record as saying thatrepparttar 109596 email addresses he collects usingrepparttar 109597 aforementioned method are up to 5 times more responsive than those collected by outside sources.

These subscribers are ultra targeted, as they want, specifically, what you have to offer.

You may think building a website on your own is an enduring task, but it's really not. < > is an excellent resource for those wishing to learn how to build a website on there own.

I also recommend Shelley Lowery's Web Design Mastery, which comes jam packed with anything and everything it takes to build a professional looking website, regardless of your past experience. < >

When designing this site/page, remember to include ...

- A subscribe form/link on every page. - Detailed description of your ezine/newsletter's content (what you offerrepparttar 109598 subscriber to satisfy their interests, etc. ...) - Testimonials, whenever possible. - Full contact info, subscriber options, related associations that help solidify credibility and trust (iCop, BBB, etc.). - A sample of your work, archived editions, etc. - A reminder to bookmark your site, and allowrepparttar 109599 ability to recommend it to others, in addition to giving subscribers permission to forward your publication to a friend, associate, etc. (add this to every mailing). - Something of value for signing up ... a freebie download (software, ebook, course, ...), discount, or other bonuses.

... which brings us to tip number ...

2) Focus on your content, NOTrepparttar 109600 freebies!

In an effort to draw more subscribers, I've witnessed many publishers promotingrepparttar 109601 freebies to a greater extent thanrepparttar 109602 follow up, itself.

This may increaserepparttar 109603 number of subscribers, butrepparttar 109604 level of responsiveness, and retention, will surely suffer.

You'll draw more of those interested in only receivingrepparttar 109605 freebies, defeatingrepparttar 109606 reason you've asked them to join inrepparttar 109607 first place.

Promote your content, and yourself, first and foremost, following up withrepparttar 109608 freebies.

Include reference to them as a P.S. (post script) to your promotional copy.

3) Offer them an article series, course, or additional bonuses in each mailing ...

... and end your send out with a sampling of what's to come.

This will keep your list members interested, and subscribed.

4) Make it interactive.

Give your subscribersrepparttar 109609 ability to provide feedback, inrepparttar 109610 form of replies, advice, questions, etc.

Allowing them to participate will greatly increaserepparttar 109611 level of interest, not only in regards torepparttar 109612 one providingrepparttar 109613 feedback, but of those that are reading it, as well.

Providingrepparttar 109614 ability to include a link in their response will aid in increasingrepparttar 109615 level of interaction.

You may choose to involve them in other ways, such as group chats, forums, polls, etc.

5) Maintain a clean list.

If you do not haverepparttar 109616 ability to bulk remove repetitive soft and hard bounces, it is very important that you stay on top of eliminating them manually.

This should be done for 2 major reasons ...

A) If your mailing does not reach it's desired destination, it will not do you any good, nor it's intended recipient.

If you haverepparttar 109617 ability to auto send an unsubscribe response (HIGHLY recommended), includerepparttar 109618 invitation to re subscribe using a new email address. Evenrepparttar 109619 most honest recipients of your mailings will occasionally bounce, due to any of a number of reasons, and they should be allowed back if they so desire.

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