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Written by Denise Ryder

Hey, using eBooks, eReports and eCourses is a fantastic way to build a list.

You can use these things as an "incentive" for joining your affiliate program, as a "thank you" for visiting your site, a "bonus" when someone purchases a product/service from you. The possibilities are endless!!

Many eBusiness people use them, however, some are making TWO HUGE MISTAKES when they do use them. Here is what they do...

1. They upload these things to their site and publishrepparttar download link WITHOUT capturing an email address and name.

The WHOLE POINT of using this "stuff" is to build a list. YOU CAN'T MARKET TO A GHOST!!! Instead of uploading your items to your server and just publishingrepparttar 144112 download link, work smarter... Set yourself up with a mini-site where you can direct people to and forrepparttar 144113 PRICE of their email address and name, they can haverepparttar 144114 download link sent to them.

NOW you have a warm body to market to AND you know what they are interested in.

2. They don't take advantage of customizing eBooks, etc with THEIR OWN links.

You want your marketing efforts to pay off for YOU. If you are giving away an eBook with someone else's links in it then all your marketing is paying off forrepparttar 144115 person whose links are inside. WHY ARE YOU DOING THAT??

There are tons of people out there falling into that trap. However, right now YOU'RE my concern. If they want to not bother spending a little extra and purchase a customization license that's their downfall. Actually, we want those people because if they distribute our eBook with our links inside, great...they are marketing for us.

An eCourse? Why Would I Want One??

Written by Denise Ryder

It should be no surprise that eCourses are an effective marketing tool for you. Just followrepparttar lead of some ofrepparttar 144111 top marketers online today and you will see more and more of them are developing their own eCourses.


eCourses create fantastic results:

1. They are an effective way to bring in more subscribers to your newsletters. 2. They can berepparttar 144112 basis of creating a new opt-in list. 3. They generate profits.

The thing I likerepparttar 144113 best about eCourses isrepparttar 144114 way they help with three fundamentals in marketing, which are:

Number One... You have heard it said numerous times... "That in order to succeed online, you need a list(s)."

An eCourse provides you withrepparttar 144115 means of building a list. Forrepparttar 144116 price of an email address, a prospect gives their permission for you to send them your course...BINGO now you have a name and address and you can start to build upon gaining trust with that person.

Number Two... People will do business with people they; know, like and trust.

eCourses provide an excellent way to build trust and create a rapport with people through providing good, quality information. Information that will peg you asrepparttar 144117 "expert" in your given field. When you haverepparttar 144118 "trust" of your prospects they are more apt to take your recommendations into consideration, which of course and let's be honest here, leads to additional revenue for you.

Number Three... It takes between 7-10 exposures to your business before a prospect will register your business in their mind.

eCourses provide you with a medium in order to create that exposure. Stop and think about that for a second and you will soon see how that can work to your benefit.

A typical eCourse is about 5-7 days in length...each day a new "lesson" is sent to your prospect which is an additional "hit" or "exposure" that they have received. That is an additional time that you and your business have their direct attention.

Afterrepparttar 144119 completion ofrepparttar 144120 course you follow up with them on a regular basis and provide more great content and of course offers.

The benefits of offering your own eCourse don't stop there, there are many more...however,repparttar 144121 two that really "hit home" are these:

1. Automation Let's face it...time is NEVER on our side, so with that saidrepparttar 144122 more "email marketing systems" that we have in place which will capture email addresses for us and send outrepparttar 144123 information that is requested...the Better! That isrepparttar 144124 beauty of an eCourse.

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