Get TOP 10 Position on Search Engines with proven methodology

Written by N.R.Srinath

About This tutorial Even though you if you don’t get listed no#1 with is tutorial you will get top 30 Listing in Yahoo, Google, MSN. Who know? You may even get no#1

Well on this tutorial I have used one of my clients site, which I tweaked better for SEO optimization. My client site is optimized for Indian Visitor. This site has been listed in TOP 10 for certain keywords and LISTED in TOP 30 for Certain Keywords.

To do some keyword research visits or visit

Keywords - India trademarks(Google) - Position 8 - TotalPages 3,020,000 Keywords - India trademarks firm (Yahoo) - Position 3 - Total Pages 292,000 Keywords - India trademarks firm (Google)- Position 10 - Total Pages 389,000

How did I do it?

Key Factors

Userepparttar title tag at possible for example – I have not used “Welcome to TrademarksManagement” instead used “Trademarks Management - About Us - Trademarks Patents Intellectual Propery Rights Geographical Indications Trademarks Guidelines Tips On trademarks India Trademarks Act 1999 Trademarks Registry in India Copyright Office in India India Legal Trademarks”.

Use internal links for example I used for this html I given internal links withinrepparttar 141742 site for certain words “Trade and Merchandise Marks Act” it will take to trademarks act 1999 page it will also get better ranking.

Use mistake Keywords 10% of Searches is mistaken so also I suggest you to use mistaken keywords and get traffic for your website

Add Relevant Contents to your site Add relevant contents to your site this will bring more traffic and even better listing for example I have added some cases in for better listing so if people search for case laws alsorepparttar 141743 site will get listed and you can get traffic. For example: if you search jurisdiction of trademarks office Indiarepparttar 141744 site will get listed on top 10.

Online Promotion with Google Sitemaps

Written by Thorsten Görke

Google Sitemaps isrepparttar newest service ofrepparttar 141645 largest and most important search machine ofrepparttar 141646 world.

This service has only an important reason: Each day are added more and more web pages inrepparttar 141647 InterNet. Googlebot nearly no more all can regardrepparttar 141648 sides within a short time.

Around to prevent and further ensure there isrepparttar 141649 service ofrepparttar 141650 search machine now Google Sitemaps.

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