Get Stronger, Faster and Better by Training Right, Eating Well and Resting Up

Written by Joey Atlas

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I rarely start an article withrepparttar conclusion atrepparttar 142214 beginning. But, for this specific topic I couldn’t write it any other way. So, here it is.

No magic pill, patented drink mix, sublingual tincture, trans-dermal patch, man made food bar, proprietary mineral blend, or secret capsule is capable of producingrepparttar 142215 results, or anything remotely close, that can be achieved throughrepparttar 142216 proper strength and conditioning program combined with a smart, a realistic nutrition program and adequate rest.

Asrepparttar 142217 father of an eight year old baseball, soccer and football player, I am often asked by other parents, “What products would you recommend for my son/daughter to help improve their sports performance?” The paragraph above is my answer, always.

It is no wonder why so many people believe that enhanced sports performance can come from a bottle at your local nutrition store. The advertising freedom that nutritional supplement marketers are given is an absolute joke. The flexibility they have allows them to prey on peoples weaknesses and exploitrepparttar 142218 fact that most people want to believe what they see and hear through advertisements.

The problem lies withinrepparttar 142219 fact that even when following “the rules” nutritional supplement marketers can still cleverly craft unbelievably deceptive advertising campaigns and get away with it

Some supplement companies have attorneys on staff that specialize in making sure thatrepparttar 142220 company they represent is not breaking any laws in its advertising campaigns. Some companies who cannot afford full time attorneys hire them as outside consultants to performrepparttar 142221 same function. Their main job is to comparerepparttar 142222 proposed advertising campaign, whether it is a radio ad, a television ad, internet ad or print ad and make sure it complies with all rules and regulations put forth byrepparttar 142223 Federal Trade Commission and/orrepparttar 142224 Federal Communications Commission. Keep in mind these hired pros work forrepparttar 142225 company who pays them and not for you,repparttar 142226 consumer.

Ponder this,repparttar 142227 Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act does not require manufacturers to report adverse reactions or side effects. Additionally,repparttar 142228 sale of any supplement can only be prevented ifrepparttar 142229 Food and Drug Administration can prove thatrepparttar 142230 supplement is harmful. Amazing, isn’t it?

Despiterepparttar 142231 fact that supplement companies are restricted from making unproven or exaggerated claims, many are still able to get away with extremely deceptive advertising campaigns. Some companies are even so greedy that they completely disregard any ofrepparttar 142232 industry rules and use outright lies in their marketing campaigns knowing thatrepparttar 142233 regulatory agencies are overloaded and cannot catch every unscrupulous company. Even when caught, some of these companies have to pay a fine which usually only amounts to a small percentage ofrepparttar 142234 profits it has taken in from its fraudulent marketing techniques. They are then ordered to clean up their marketing campaigns so they are in compliance with industry rules and are then allowed to continue selling their products.

Muscle Loss

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For those who want to maintain muscle mass as they age, or gain muscle mass as they age it is recommended that you listen torepparttar following. But first you should realize thatrepparttar 142213 tried and true method of working out and taking in quality proteins is an important factor.

So with that mentioned let's start withrepparttar 142214 working out phase that should be consistent to your level of training so that you can handle it and perform it for about 6 to 8 weeks at a time.

This is done so that when you are done working out you've actually put in a consistent amount of time working out. Which will allow you to take time off to relax and rest for about a week or two depending on your physical condition. Which is a good thing because if your workout out for too long your muscles can tear themselves and become damaged. So by taking this time off resting your muscles they become stronger from repairing and rebuilding themselves.

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