Get Started Now- Why the Time is Right for Internet Business

Written by Karen Walker

If you have long dreamed of getting your piece ofrepparttar Internet business pie but have held off due to fear, lack of skills, shortage of money, or any other reason underrepparttar 136125 sun, now isrepparttar 136126 time to get going. There are four reasons whyrepparttar 136127 time is right to get going on line: general acceptance ofrepparttar 136128 Internet, maturity of on line resources,repparttar 136129 abundance of resources on which to build a business andrepparttar 136130 fact that anyone can afford to start an Internet business now. Let’s take a look at why this is so.

First, overall use ofrepparttar 136131 Internet continues to grow, not only in this country, but worldwide. Technology we may find confusing is taken for granted by our children, and even grandma and grandpa now get on line. Consumers across all demographics are shopping, and often buying, onrepparttar 136132 Internet. Statistics show growth rates inrepparttar 136133 number of Internet users at over 20 percent per year forrepparttar 136134 past ten years. Recent U.S. Department of Commerce statistics report on line consumer sales of $117 billion in 2004, just 3.3 per cent of total U.S. retail sales of $3.6 trillion dollars. But, while total consumer sales grew by 6.8 percent in 2004, on line sales grew by 26 per cent. By all indications, this growth rate will continue to increase asrepparttar 136135 ‘www’ generation becomes more comfortable with Internet buying due to improved customer service habits of on line vendors.

The second reasonrepparttar 136136 time is ripe to get going with an Internet business isrepparttar 136137 maturity ofrepparttar 136138 Internet. That is, businesses that survivedrepparttar 136139 ‘dot com’ bubble or have come on line after that time tend to be more stable than their predecessors. More traditional business models, focusing on customer service, advertising, and reliability have been incorporated into web business practices. Serious business people value a good Internet reputation. This benefits everyone working on line.

The third reason to get your Internet based business started now isrepparttar 136140 ease at whichrepparttar 136141 average Joe can now create a web presence. From purchasing a domain name to creating an actual website, getting a business on line has never been easier. There are web hosting businesses that will take you step by step throughrepparttar 136142 entire process for a very reasonable price. If you prefer to ‘do it yourself’, there are software programs available, such as Microsoft Front Page or Web Studio to guide you through setting up your website.

And lastly, this isrepparttar 136143 time to start on Internet business because right now this is one ofrepparttar 136144 least expensive ways to have a business of your own. Withrepparttar 136145 cost of setting up a traditional storefront business inrepparttar 136146 thousands of dollars, and considering that about half of new small businesses fail inrepparttar 136147 first five years,repparttar 136148 thought of risking it ‘all’ for a traditional business is only forrepparttar 136149 most hardy (or fool hardy, depending on how you look at it!). Franchises are somewhat safer, but not only can they also have huge startup costs, a significant portion ofrepparttar 136150 business profits will be paid torepparttar 136151 home office forrepparttar 136152 privilege of using their name, reputation and training.

Strategies to make your Blog More Interesting

Written by Mal Keenan

Copyright 2005 Mal Keenan

Putting up your business blog is an advantageous way of establishing your presence on web. It’s no longer just about putting plain texts up on your blog. With continuing stream of new software, publishing tools and plug-ins, today’s blogger haverepparttar means to create interesting and fun blogs. Here are some of them.

1.Put photos on your blog. You can try this free software called "Hello", found at

2.Add audio clips. Try and follow instructions.

3.Put streaming video clips on your blog. One ofrepparttar 136124 emerging service providers of video clips isrepparttar 136125

4.Syndicate your contents. You can userepparttar 136126 more popular RSS format. You can do this by checkingrepparttar 136127 web for companies that offer this service.

5.Provide space for your readers to give you feedback by checking your blog setting and modify this to allow posts. Of course, leave a reminder, that they are free to post contrary comments as long as they do it in a polite and considerate manner.

6.What dorepparttar 136128 majority of your readers think of your blog? Do you want to know and tally this up? And show offrepparttar 136129 results on your blog? Run polls. Some examples of free poll service arerepparttar 136130 web poll central and free polls.

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