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Written by Robert F. Abbott

On a recent Sunday evening, I watched a friend ‘graduate’ from a beginner’s class for stand-up comedians.

Needless to say, I saw many levels of competence and talent asrepparttar nine students gave their 10 minute ‘commencement speeches’ before an audience of perhaps 250, mostly friends and family.

Some, obviously, would never make it to prime time. Others have a good chance, given determination and patience. But, what’s striking is that they all got up onrepparttar 140352 stage and did their acts.

I know it takes courage to stand up on a stage and deliver a conventional speech, and it must take even more to deliver a comedy monologue, especially forrepparttar 140353 first time.

If you’ve itched to takerepparttar 140354 stage, but fear holds you back, perhaps their example will give yourepparttar 140355 extra push you need to takerepparttar 140356 plunge. The good news is that you can overcome that fear. And you overcome it with two things: knowledge and practice.

Knowledge refers torepparttar 140357 strategies, tactics, and techniques used by speakers, and involves learning aboutrepparttar 140358 many, diverse elements that go into a speech or presentation.

In a properly-managed learning process you work withrepparttar 140359 elements individually. In one speech you’ll focus onrepparttar 140360 way you stand, in another you’ll focus on what you’re doing with your hands, and so on.

With practice, each element becomes more natural and eventually you’ll master and incorporate them all into your speeches - without even thinking about them.

A Way To Banish Shallow Breathing And Boost Self Esteem!

Written by Tim Webb

You know, very often,repparttar manner in which a person holds himself or herself can impact quite noticeably upon their own feelings of self worth and also on how deeply they breathe.

I once read that shallow breathers are shallow people and, while I do not necessarily agree with that statement, I would suggest that shallow breathers are often those who might have low self-esteem and could benefit greatly from a change in body posture and breathing technique.

It is worth bearing in mind that those with what I would term a negative body posture must initially alterrepparttar 140341 way they hold themselves in order forrepparttar 140342 breathing to change also.

A negative body posture is easy to see. Shoulders are hunched forwards, eyes down, and dragging one foot afterrepparttar 140343 other. And guess what? Those very same people are shallow breathers due to their posture. Negative begets negative.

Now, how can this easily be remedied and a chain reaction of affirmative actions be initiated instead ofrepparttar 140344 aforementioned scenario?

Firstly, have you ever heardrepparttar 140345 saying “You can never feel down when you are looking up”? I have always loved this saying and it holdsrepparttar 140346 key that opensrepparttar 140347 door to better posture and deep, energising, breathing.

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