Get Rid of Unwanted White Box with the help of CorelDraw

Written by Maricon Williams

Background is always there becauserepparttar bitmaps are pixel-based files. This is alsorepparttar 105768 reason why it is quite tricky to remove them. However, no matter how tricky it is to others you can simplify it with CorelDraw.

Start by importing your bitmap into CorelDraw. Press Alt+F, I) and deselect it immediately so that you will not activaterepparttar 105769 Auto-Trace tool withrepparttar 105770 subsequent step. Usingrepparttar 105771 Bezier tool, start creating a Powerclip Container for your image. At this point, you need not worry about accuracy because you can always go back at a future time. Withrepparttar 105772 Node Edit rollup and your pointer, try to reshaperepparttar 105773 Container. Even if your bitmapís background is not adjacent, you can still Powerclip it by combining several shapes into one Container.

To create a simulated transparent background from a Mask that enclosesrepparttar 105774 part of your image that you want to keep, you can also use Photo-Paint. Save As an EPS file, and Import it into Draw usingrepparttar 105775 Postscript EPS filter. It will be imported into Draw as a curve with a full-color bitmap fill, which means that if you try to resize it, you'll get a tiled fill. Selectrepparttar 105776 object and openrepparttar 105777 Fill rollup to avoid tiling. Click on Update From and selectrepparttar 105778 object again. Click on Edit and enable Scale Pattern With Object, and click Apply.

Withrepparttar 105779 bitmap selected, openrepparttar 105780 Bitmap Color Mask rollup and click onrepparttar 105781 Eyedropper tool. Userepparttar 105782 Eyedropper to selectrepparttar 105783 colors from your image to be concealed. Userepparttar 105784 slider to adjustrepparttar 105785 Tolerance for similarly colored pixels. Because all pixels of a particular color or range will be concealed by bitmap Color Mask, you can first use Photo-Paint to fill those pixels with a distinct color and then choose it withrepparttar 105786 Bitmap Color Mask Eyedropper. Bear in mind thatrepparttar 105787 Bitmap Color Mask does not work with B/W bitmaps, although you can still dispense foreground and background color withrepparttar 105788 Fill and Outline tools.

Your Book Marketing Plan - Winning Strategies and Tips

Written by Ink Tree Ltd.

Many authors hit a roadblock when it comes to putting together and implementing a book marketing plan. You know you need to have one, you have a vague idea of what it needs to include, but pulling it all together into a step-by-step plan of attack is not nearly as easy as it sounds.†

A good starting point is to break your plan up into major categories. From there, you can further define and set up strategies for each area of your book marketing plan.

The first thing that comes to mind for most authors and self publishers is book store sales. Makes sense doesn't it? That's where people buy books don't they? It's true that making your book available torepparttar general public through bookstores is a very vital component of your marketing plan.

However, it is just that -- one single component of your plan. There are many elements that will make up your book marketing plan and arranging to have your book available in bookstores is just one of them. Let's call that component #1:

Book Marketing Plan Component #1

Making Books Available in Bookstores

Now, it's one thing to secure placement for your book onrepparttar 105767 bookstore shelves, but now how are people going to know it's there? Customers can't (and won't) buy something they've never heard of. This is whererepparttar 105768 publicity component of your Book Marketing Plan comes into play. Setting up and ongoing publicity campaign isrepparttar 105769 number one way to drive customers torepparttar 105770 bookstore to buy your book. We'll call this component #2:

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