Get Rich Writing Fiction

Written by Michael LaRocca

GET RICH WRITING FICTION Copyright 2005, Michael LaRocca

Some of us write simply because we can't not write. Ideas grab us, move us, and demand to be written. We strive to make it as real as we possibly can, to improve at our craft every day, hopefully to make it intorepparttar realm of literature as well as entertainment. We want to craft an entire world whererepparttar 147540 places and people are so real thatrepparttar 147541 reader doesn't feel like he's reading a book as much as he is going to another place. Inrepparttar 147542 lofty world of literature that we strive for,repparttar 147543 reader will still think aboutrepparttar 147544 book after reading that last page. It's our gift torepparttar 147545 reader, something to take with him. Given sufficient skill, this can even happen long after we are dead.

Then we learn that doesn't sell. Oh, there are exceptions. Some novelists make a living by consistently writing quality literature. But, there are quite a few best sellers who have no such goals. They write for money, and they make it.

Evenrepparttar 147546 writer who has written great literature has trouble marketing it that way. We have to look at our "target audience." Who will buy this book? Let me see, our heroine survived spousal abuse, so there's an audience. There's a suicide, so we can getrepparttar 147547 bereavement crowd. Where'srepparttar 147548 setting? We can get a local audience. The hero's a cop. Mayberepparttar 147549 teen boys will go for that. Nah, too light on action. But there's a romance. Maybe we'll market torepparttar 147550 romance readers. Giverepparttar 147551 hero bedroom eyes and pass him off as a romantic hero. Yeah, that might work.

But if you want to write to get rich, even that's not enough. Nah,repparttar 147552 time to think about your reader is before you writerepparttar 147553 book, not after.

Throw in lots of gratuitous sex, preferably extramarital. One (and only one) character who flirts and is sorely tempted and walks away from "love" to remain true to his wife.

Use taboo words for shock value. Ram, hump, scream, oral sex, voluptuous, female orgasm (the great revelation). Make sure a lot of your leads enjoy sex. Horny women are a good way to pull inrepparttar 147554 readers you want. We all know men are horny, but most of your readers haven't discovered that some women enjoy sex too. Tell them this. Giverepparttar 147555 female readers a balm for their consciences andrepparttar 147556 male readers someone to dream about.

The Benefits of Submitting Articles

Written by Lee Munson

Inrepparttar current market, there is a great need for article submission. A lot of different people, and corporations alike are seeking independent writers to create articles for them, whether it be reviews, or terms of service agreements. There is a major need for these products. First, let me explain what article submission's all about and how it can benefit you. Article writing for a lot of people, is a stepping-stone. It's a way of either getting your name out there as a writer, or you're in it to make a few extra bucks. No matter whatrepparttar 147539 case may be, there are tremendous benefits to all writers. If you're submitting articles just forrepparttar 147540 sake of doing so, there are good benefits to this. Some of which you may not have realized. First of all, exposure. Submitting articles is a good way to get yourself exposed torepparttar 147541 world as a writer. This is also known as free publicity. If you're doing this for free, some places may even allow you to plug your site inrepparttar 147542 article, but make sure they allow it for doing so. Regardless, credit must be given to you if you're doing this for free, and it gets your name out there. Secondly, it allows you to practice your craft and enhance your skills for further writing opportunities. Article submission is a very good way of practicing for something bigger that may come along, such as poetry or novel writing. The choices are

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