Get Paid to Shop and Keep Everything You Buy - Without Having to Pay!

Written by Avril Harper

Get Paid To Shop And Keep Everything You Buy - Without Having To Pay!

Can You Tell Good Service From Bad; Recognise Value For Money; Compare Prices, Staff Efficiency, Product Range, Customer Service Between Rival Firms?

If so you might easily find work as a ‘Mystery Shopper' and be paid to comment on service in shops, banks and building societies, hotels, cinemas, veterinary surgeries, restaurants, even on long distance flights and holidays.

Poor service isrepparttar number one reason customers turn their back on a business and start shopping elsewhere. Worse still, one dissatisfied customer tells on average sixteen more people about their experience, meaning even greater loss of customers and profits for business owners.

Even taking too long to answerrepparttar 117264 telephone or replenishrepparttar 117265 shelves, inadequate parking facilities, crowded toilets and poor staff-customer relations can alienate customers quickly.

No company can afford to be complacent or fail to check its own operating standards for long.

Companies need to know how they are perceived by customers and if rival firms are setting higher standards and attracting custom from them. Hencerepparttar 117266 need for regular checks to be made on all aspects ofrepparttar 117267 business from product range and quality of choice, to staff attitudes, customer care, after sales service, and so on.

But there's no easy way for firms to investigate themselves.

Staff who know they are being watched work harder, giving a false impression or, worse still, they consider their employers are spying on them, intent on catching them out and threatening dismissal.

So, mystery shoppers go undetected into a business, seeing things as they really are, throughrepparttar 117268 eyes of people who really matter - customers! What they see andrepparttar 117269 service they receive will not be affected by who they are and what influence they have over staff!

As one leading mystery shopping agency puts it:

"Mystery shoppers serve asrepparttar 117270 eyes and ears of clients in retail and service outlets."

As competition grows, especially in a recession, and pressure increases on companies to maintain or better still improve their own market share, more and more openings will appear for mystery shoppers in all areas of commerce, including banks and building societies, shops and supermarkets, hotels and garages, and more.

So a cinema wanting to improve attendance figures might hire regular cinema-goers to viewrepparttar 117271 same film at all local outlets to investigate prices, noise levels, staff efficiency, car parking, toilets and amenities, and so on.

How To Develop An Effective Marketing Strategy For Your Work-At-Home Business

Written by Montegaza Cristian

Working at home in your home business has many advantages and many, many individuals now are choosing to start their own work at home businesses. The flexibility of a home business, as well asrepparttar freedom achieved with your own work at home business is an opportunity that is desired by many online now.

The real "secret to success" of any home business, however, lies in its marketing strategy, and effective marketing of any work at home business should always be given top priority.

Most marketers fail in their attempts at a work at home business simply because they don't have a marketing plan that will succeed. A good marketing plan is not difficult to construct and really not difficult to implement. However, it does need to be followed consistently and rigorously, asrepparttar 117263 key to any good marketing plan is: "consistency".

Advertising methods need to be planned out weekly, andrepparttar 117264 plans need to be implemented in a fashion that provides consistency. Market, especially inrepparttar 117265 beginning, inrepparttar 117266 same places every week, always, always, always, if at all possible, tracking your results. Abstract results are even worse than no results at all, so use a system that will allow you to remain aware of where your ads appeared, when they appeared, and how much viewing they achieved. There are affordable "ad trackers" online, and "Website statistics trackers", so this is now easier to do online than ever before.

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