Get Paid To Surf Programs. Failure by Design?

Written by Rafael Aguilo

Get Paid to Surf Programs have become allrepparttar rage with Internet Users. With visions of quick and easy money, millions have joined. They see themselves receiving money to 'surf'repparttar 117885 web and, here'srepparttar 117886 clincher, make a financial killing by referringrepparttar 117887 program to their friends or associates. You see, done repparttar 117888 RIGHT WAY, you can make a large amount of money from this part alone. So far,so good.

Forrepparttar 117889 companies, this 'letrepparttar 117890 members dorepparttar 117891 talking' way of seeking new members has been nothing but a phenomenal success. Hotmail demonstrated thatrepparttar 117892 'viral marketing' approach was quick; and above all, fairly inexpensive. I practice viral marketing at any chance I get. For those of us who have investedrepparttar 117893 time and money to learn how, it's a blessing. IT WORKS. Period.

The only fly-in-the-ointment with this scenario is that MOST ofrepparttar 117894 members FAIL to make any significant income from this. The whole system is basically designed to be that way.

Let me explain.

What happens withrepparttar 117895 average guy (gal) that joins one (or more) of these programs is:

The Majority hits a BRICK WALL.

Why? Because they followrepparttar 117896 'official' way of workingrepparttar 117897 program. They end up having great difficulty building their own groups. Almost Everyone IS Makingrepparttar 117898 SAME MISTAKE. The Results? Dissapointing results.

Why? Lets Face It: Because nobody wants to berepparttar 117899 sailor. Everybody wants to be captain ofrepparttar 117900 ship. What happens next is that almost allrepparttar 117901 ships end up being one person rowboats! Only a few end up with Super-Tankers!

The Newbie Dilemma

Written by Stephen J. Mikiska what isrepparttar Newbie Dilemma?


In other words, it's not owning your own domain. And if you don't own your own domain, you put yourself at a serious disadvantage of achieving LONG-TERM success onrepparttar 117884 Internet.

Now I know what some of you are thinking...but listen up:

IF YOU DON"T OWN IT, IT CAN BE TAKEN AWAY, and if that happens, all of your valuable time, effort and energy that you put into promotion and advertising is downrepparttar 117885 drain, unless all of that advertising and promotion was for your own domain.

Without your own domain, you can never leverage your time and money that you put into traffic and lead generation.

Lets' make a comparison. Onrepparttar 117886 left you have Joe Blow newbie (who has worked numerous affiliate programs for 3 years), and onrepparttar 117887 right you have Jane Doe webmaster.

Both Joe and Jane got lucky and happened to join a hot ground floor MLM program.

Since Joe doesn't own his own domain and he doesn't have his own in-house contact list (ezine or newsletter), he is starting from scratch in generating traffic and leads forrepparttar 117888 new MLM program.

Jane onrepparttar 117889 other hand has been spendingrepparttar 117890 last 3 years generating traffic to her domain and building her ezine. Because she spent month after month getting her domain in search engines, listings in ezine directories, link swaps with other webmasters, banner exchanges...the list goes on.

Because of this, Jane now gets a steady flow of traffic of around 500-1000 visitors per day to her domain, and in three years she has built her in-house list to 5000+ subscribers.

Now Joe and Jane get onrepparttar 117891 starting line. They both know that to make money in these online money making programs, you must be fast and work hard to get as much market share as possible beforerepparttar 117892 company gets throughrepparttar 117893 momentum stage and slows down inrepparttar 117894 stability stage.

How is Joe going to compete with Jane, when Jane can INSTANTLY put her offer in front of 5,000 people at once and 500-1000 people EVERY DAY?

Folks, for 3 years I was that Joe Blow newbie, and because I now understandrepparttar 117895 nature of online money making programs I finally got it through my thick head that I needed my own domain.

GET YOUR OWN YOUR DOMAIN FOR LIFE. Technology changes, times change, products and services change,repparttar 117896 new replacesrepparttar 117897 old.

And you will NEVER be in a position to profit in a new program if you are always starting from scratch and trapped inrepparttar 117898 "Newbie Dilemma".

Some newbies think that just because they are a founding member of some hot new program they are going to make it big...but they don't because there are more and more Jane Doe webmasters that blow right pastrepparttar 117899 Joe Blow newbies.

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